How to brew the saffron?

How to use and brew the Iranian saffron?

1- Brewing the saffron by hot water

The most common way to use saffron in Iran is to brew the saffron by hot water.

In order to brew the saffron, first you should grind the saffron in a mortar so that the taste and the color of the saffron is released faster and better.

But you should also note that the grinding of saffron with metal mortar may burn the saffron and using stone mortar is preferred more. (Ana saffron offers both metallic and stone grinders of saffron. Please refer to  our shop).

In most parts of Iran, as well as in humid regions, the people grind the saffron with a little sugar. This seems to have a significant effect on prevention of saffron from burning. This will also cause the saffron to sweeten.

As you know the original Iranian saffron has a warm and bitter taste.

After grinding the saffron, pour the saffron in a small amount of boiling water and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes so that the saffron can easily give its taste and color to the water.

The amount of water and the amount of saffron is optional. However, it is better that the water to be less than a third of the glass and the saffron be about a tablespoon or more.

2- Brewing the saffron by ice

The second and, of course, non-conventional method of brewing the saffron is using ice.

For this method, it is best to put the saffron in a glass container and place some small ice cubes. Then allow the ice to melt at ambient temperature so that the saffron gives its extract and coloring. Using this method the saffron is said to give more color compared to the first method.

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