Prohibitions on the use of saffron during pregnancy

Prohibitions on the use of saffron during pregnancy

1. Introduction

Saffron is a popular spice among Iranians and even some people use it as a medicinal plant. In our traditional culture, it is believed that saffron use by pregnant mothers gives birth to a healthy baby with a clear skin and a beautiful face, while there is no evidence to prove this. However, it is not bad to know about some of the effects of saffron during pregnancy.

Saffron should be kept in a glass cup (especially after grinding) away from light and moisture. Since saffron essence can be evaporated if improperly stored, its essence evaporates over time and consequently its medicinal and taste effects decrease as well as its quality.

Saffron is commonly known as golden spice because it gives a unique aroma to food. It is commonly found in foods like Tah-Chin, dessert and saffron ice cream, but it is also widely found in cosmetics such as lotions and creams that help brighten the face. Many women consider saffron to be one of the most useful foods during pregnancy. But it’s worth mentioning that although saffron is considered safe through dietary supplements, it has been proven to cause uterine contractions and abortion when consumed in large quantities. While it is believed that the use of this spice affects the beauty of the baby’s face, this is not true at all.

Prohibitions on the use of saffron during pregnancy

2. Don’t eat in the first three months of pregnancy

If you enjoy saffron, there are several ways to use this spice during pregnancy. But you should know that using this spice in large quantities during the first three months of pregnancy is not recommended at all. Finally, small quantities of saffron foliage can be used. It can also be used as a medicine during pregnancy. But high doses of this plant cause uterine contractions and lead to abortion. It helps stimulate proper digestion during this period. Ayurvedic medicine claims that saffron helps the movements of the embryo in the womb, yet on the other hand, raises body temperature and therefore the amount of consumption is important.

3. Side effects of saffron

As was mentioned, saffron raises body temperature and that is why experts recommend adding only one or two strands of saffron to the milk. Of course, you shouldn’t do it in the first three months of pregnancy. If you can’t eat milk, you can add a little bit of it to the soup or rice. You can add a few strands of saffron to the water and drink. This helps the digestion process. Remember to consult your doctor about the amount of saffron you need.

4. The stages of saffron consumption in pregnancy

Consult with your doctor: If you take 10 grams of this spice, may lead to uterine contractions. Therefore, it is important to consult with your doctor before using it.

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