Aromatic saffron box for sale

Aromatic saffron box for sale

Saffron is one of the most expensive nuts and is used especially in the preparation of various foods; Therefore, the manufacturers of this product use different boxes for sale and to supply their goods in order to compete and sell better.

Saffron is one of the special and popular spices that has a relatively high price. Therefore, the beauty and attractiveness of the aromatic saffron box are considered by many saffron producers.

Saffron is one of the most special food products that have many fans both inside and outside Iran and is exported to foreign countries in significant quantities.


Aromatic saffron box for sale


Cardboard, metal, glass, and hard box packages are used for the aromatic saffron box for sale. In addition to beauty, the saffron box has the task of protecting saffron and should be in such a way that the buyer can see some of the saffron and gain the necessary assurance of its quality.

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Aromatic saffron box for sale


Saffron box for sale

Simple saffron box for sale

These types of boxes are designed to be simple and are mostly used as gifts.


Aromatic saffron box for sale


Slender saffron box for sale

Slender saffron boxes are usually in the form of glass cylinders and are designed with cardboard twists or labeled labels.


Aromatic saffron box for sale


Cylindrical or glass saffron box

In this type of packaging, suitable twists and covers are used. Saffron box labels should display all product information and a brief view of the product.


Aromatic saffron box for sale


Saffron box


Export saffron boxes must have the potential to compete with foreign products, so these types of boxes have very high quality and special designs. These packages do not use ordinary writing and usually use writing with special fonts designed with a gold-plated and embossed printing to enhance the beauty.

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Saffron is first packed in smaller polished and coated boxes with hygienic conditions and then placed in cardboard saffron boxes. Export saffron boxes have different colors and qualities and are designed to display some saffron. Saffron boxes are often designed to match the red color of the saffron itself with colors that match the same color range (red, white, black).


Aromatic saffron box for sale


In the production of cardboard saffron box and date box, cardboard with gray back, inboard, high heating glass, etc. are used and there are no restrictions on the material of the cardboard because saffron is packed in a separate container.

The quality of the saffron box depends on factors such as the type of printing, the type of cardboard used, the type of writing, the strength of the packaging, the color of the saffron box, and so on.

The production process is such that first the desired box model is selected from the proposed models by the customer and the best design of the saffron box is determined according to the customer’s taste and then the design operation is formed on it.

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Places to sell saffron in Egypt


Apart from saffron, we also supply other products of Iran including pistachio, rosebuds, Mazafati Date, and barberry. If you want to buy any type of product from Iran, we can supply you. You may contact us via the Contact us page or WhatsApp. Also, you may see our different saffron packagings on our Buy saffron online page.


Places to sell saffron in Egypt


When you want to buy saffron in bulk, you should be sure about the quality of the saffron that you are buying. Our saffron has got a European certificate from SAI CHIMIE lab which is one of the most famous labs in Europe.


Places to sell saffron in Egypt


Also, our saffron is packaged in different and luxurious packages. You can see our different packing below. You can buy saffron in bulk with these packages in our online shop. You can also find us on social media via Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Youtube. In the following, you can see our different packaging of saffron.

Places to sell saffron in Egypt
Aromatic saffron box for sale
Places to sell saffron in Egypt
Aromatic saffron box for sale
Places to sell saffron in Egypt
Aromatic saffron box for sale


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