Buy Iranian saffron UK

If you are looking to buy Iranian saffron UK please read this article to the end.

Buy Iranian saffron UK

We are one of the biggest suppliers of saffron in Iran. However, due to some problems, many customers prefer to deal with other countries. Therefore, we tried to establish our company in France so that our customers deal with us much more easily.

Are you an Iranian saffron company?

Although we supply saffron from Iran, our distribution in Europe and also UK is done via our company in France. However, as was mentioned earlier, dealing directly with Iran had caused some problems for our customers. Therefore, we established our company in France (Ana Royal Intl. Co.)

Where is your European company based in?

Our original company is in Iran and our company is based in Lyon, France. You can be easily in touch with our sale team via WhatsApp or Contact us page. If you want to buy our saffron in wholesale, you may also read wholesale page.

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Do you have European certificate?

There are many people who claim that they can supply saffron to you. However, cheating in saffron is very common nowadays and it is really difficult to understand if the saffron is pure. (please read this article as to the ways of cheating in saffron). If you buy saffron from certified suppliers, you have no worry as to the purity of saffron. Our saffron has got its certificate from SAI CHIMIE  laboratory. This lab is one of the most famous labs in Europe.

Do you accept agency?

If you want to sell Iranian saffron in UK you can easily be in touch with our company in France. It is worth mentioning that all our transactions are done via our company in France. Besides, you can be our agent in UK. We have special offers for our agents. Please send your enquiries via Contact us page. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Buy Iranian saffron UK- about our saffron shop

Ana Qayen is an online saffron shop. If you want to see all our packing you may visit our shop page.

You can also order bottles of saffron.

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