Types of cheating in saffron

Cheating in saffron

Saffron is the best and most expensive spice in the world. The limited production and high price have caused the cheaters to sell fake saffron to the customer instead of the original saffron. The rate of cheating in saffron is very high.

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cheating in saffron


The cheaters, regardless of the financial losses inflicted on saffron consumers, are only thinking of their greater profit and endangering people’s health by producing fake saffron. With the advancement of technology, this work has become easier for these people, and every day they invent new methods for food fraud.

Fraud in saffron weakens its market, which in turn causes losses to the hardworking farmers of our land.

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In this article, we will examine the various methods of fraud in saffron and ways to identify them.


cheating in saffron


The original and fake saffron

Saffron is one of those products that you should pay attention to when buying to choose the best type. There are many ways to cheat in the sale of saffron, and we will describe a few of them.

Increasing the weight of saffron by adding impurities to it:

One of the methods that is used in cheating in saffron is Spraying small particles of water or storing and placing saffron in wet places causes the weight of saffron to increase. In this method, professional fraudsters with high skill spray a certain amount of water on saffron stigmas, which is very difficult to detect.




In other cases, it adds substances such as sugar, salt, or honey to powdered saffron, which is difficult for the buyer to distinguish in appearance.

Coloring the whiteness (cream) of saffron:

This method is one of the most common methods of cheating in saffron. Cheaters mix saffron cream with the dye extracted from the saffron stigma and sell the white part of the saffron dye as the main saffron to the buyers. This method of fraud has no harm to human health and only the buyer suffers a financial loss.




Using artificial color in fake saffron

It is very dangerous to use the illegal dye “Tartrazine E102” called (“صفار الزعفران” or “Saffron yellow”) which is also bought as a souvenir by the pilgrims of the House of God in recent years. This was also a method of cheating in saffron.

Consumption of this substance will cause the following diseases:

  • Hyperactivity in children
  • Digestive and asthmatic problems
  • Thyroid tumors
  • Exacerbation of migraine
  • Blurred vision
  • Allergies and skin problems such as purpura

In some cases, these artificial colors are used to dye saffron-like strands such as corn cobs which can be easily detected in the laboratory due to their low staining power.



Adding string-like ingredients to the main saffron

In this method, string-like materials that are almost similar in appearance to saffron are added to a small amount of the original saffron to increase the likelihood of deceiving the customer. Another method of cheating in saffron was this way.

fake plant ingredients added to saffron usually include:

Poppy flower
Pomegranate flower
Corn cobs
Wheat root

Ways to identify the original saffron from fake saffron

Saffron is a precious spice and at the same time has various medicinal properties and applications. So it is not surprising that cheaters are always looking for a way to deceive the buyers of this valuable spice.

Here are some ways to detect fake saffron.



Original saffron flavor

Original saffron has a bitter taste and sweet aroma. Having any taste other than his, such as saltiness or sweetness, indicates the addition of impurities of saffron.

Using straw paper

Pour some saffron on the straw paper and fold the paper, then gently press the paper. Open the paper. If you see the effect of fat on the paper, your saffron is fake.



The features of the original saffron

Saffron stigma has 3 strands and its end is trumpet-shaped.

Another appearance feature to consider is that saffron strands are curved but the corn cob is straight.

If the saffron stigmas are very shiny, it is doubtful and it should be sent to the laboratory.




Using methane gas flame

Methane gas is a powerful detector for detecting fake saffron.

Place the saffron pieces on a butane gas flame. If the saffron is pure, it will turn purple or orange, which is related to its potassium. But if it is fake, yellow saffron is produced.

Diagnosis with gasoline

It is interesting to know that saffron does not dissolve in gasoline. If you pour some saffron in gasoline and the gasoline turns colored, your saffron is fake and has artificial colors.



Using boiling water

Pour some saffron in boiling water and wait a few minutes. If the color of the saffron strands turns white, your saffron is fake. Because the color of the original saffron does not change quickly in boiling water.

Using baking soda

Baking soda is one of the solvents of saffron. The original saffron turns yellow in baking soda and the fake saffron turns bright red.



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