Does saffron prevent coronavirus?

Does saffron prevent coronavirus?

The coronavirus, or Covid 19, has disrupted the lives of many people around the world. As you know, a good way to deal with corona is to strengthen the immune system. One of the spices that are talked about a lot these days is saffron. Various questions are raised about the effect of saffron on corona. What are the effects of saffron on Corona? How can saffron help us against Corona? In this article, we will talk about the effect of saffron on coronavirus.

It is said that the new coronavirus entered the human body through food in China and it was able to spread to different countries. As we are writing this paper now, many people in hospitals and medical centers are struggling with this disease.


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Eating healthy foods and substances that strengthen the immune system is good for prevention. Lemon, honey, black seed, and garlic are some of the things we hear about a lot these days. Saffron is another thing that should be investigated for its effect on the corona.

Saffron is full of different antioxidants that positively affect health and strengthen the immune system, and therefore, saffron is effective in preventing coronavirus. In the following, we will explain how saffron affects the immune system.

The effect of saffron on coronavirus by strengthening the immune system

The effect of saffron on coronavirus is indirect. In fact, saffron strengthens the immune system to make the human body more resistant to disease.

Saffron has long been used as a spice that has various medical effects. The properties of saffron have been proven over time and through extensive research. The medical effects of saffron are due to the presence of various antioxidants such as picrocrocin (which has an anti-cancer effect), crocin, safranal (which is great for strengthening the immune system), and other antioxidants. In addition to these antioxidants, saffron is full of iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, ‌‌B, C, riboflavin, folic acid, etc.



Saffron antioxidants (especially carotenoids) have a tremendous effect on energy and immunity. Consumption of 100 mg of saffron (approximately one to two branches of saffron) per day can increase the body’s energy without causing any problems.

The important thing for the immune system is the proper functioning of the digestive system. The digestive system strengthens the immune system whenever it is working normally. Saffron has a tremendous effect on the digestive system and digestion, thereby helping to further strengthen the immune system.

The permissible amount of saffron consumption for the body

After realizing how saffron affects the corona by increasing the body’s immune system, you should note that consuming 3 grams of saffron per month is very useful and fully benefits from the properties of saffron. This monthly consumption should not exceed 5 grams. Because saffron has a warm nature and its high consumption can have various side effects.
We have also written a complete article about How much saffron are we allowed to eat every day?


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How to consume the saffron

To strengthen your immune system and the effect of saffron on corona prevention, consuming 100 mg of saffron a day is enough for you. In principle, it is enough for you to feel the aroma and color of saffron.

Consuming this very small amount of rice or syrups that you make with saffron is very useful. Using saffron in popular Iranian drinks like tea can also be effective. We have fully explained how to prepare saffron tea in the How to infuse saffron article.


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Other ways to prevent the coronavirus

1- Drink plenty of water (strengthens the immune system)

2- Consumption of fruits and vegetables

3- Using disposable paper towels instead of towels

4- Using healthy foods such as soup

5- Disinfecting high-consumption items as soon as you return home, such as mobile phones, keys, bank cards

6- Do not use rings, watches, bracelets, rings as much as possible because they are good places for the virus to be located.

The coronavirus has a lower mortality rate than other unknown diseases encountered by humans. We hope that by observing the health tips and paying more attention to what we consume these days, we will be able to pass this stage safely.



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