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In this article, we want to talk about Pushal saffron. This type of saffron is mostly used by the people of India and is common in this country. Pushal saffron has lower quality than Negin saffron of course.

If you are looking for Pushal saffron, be sure to stay with us until the end of this page. This saffron is also called Pushali or Poushal saffron.


Pushal saffron for sale - Ana Qayen saffron


First-class Pushal saffron

If the saffron stigma is separated from the lower part of its red part, in fact, some of the yellow (orange) part of the string (white) are also present along with the stigma part, it is called Pushal or Pushali saffron.

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Some consumers prefer this Pushal saffron due to the fact that the stigmas are attached to the cream, which is proof of the health of the saffron field and there is less possibility of cheating in it, and they choose to buy saffron. Also, this type of saffron has all the properties of saffron, because it is a kind of complete saffron string.


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Pushal saffron for sale

Pushal Saffron for sale, Photo of first-class Pushal Saffron, First-Class Pushal Saffron Price, Difference between Pushal Saffron and Sargol Saffron. We hope we can answer all your questions in this Article. If there is any question left at the end, you can share it with us in the comments section or via WhatsApp.

Pushal saffron

Saffron is a perennial plant that has bulbs. This bulb stays in the ground for about 7 to 10 years and the flowering process takes place (of course, this process continues after 10 years, but its yield decreases). This bulb has a purple stem and petals and three strands of red stigma. The part used for saffron flowers is its red stigma. Of course, its white part also has many properties.


The price of Pushal saffron - Ana Qayen saffron


Types of Pushal saffron


The stigmas are very weak and thin. The most important reason is insufficient water and unsuitable soil, as well as late irrigation of the land. Another effective factor is the fineness and weakness of saffron bulbs.


In normal Pushal saffron, the stigmas are larger and have a better smell and taste than the weak type.

First-class Pushal saffron:

In First-class Pushal saffron, the red strands are elongated and thicker. Also, the yellowness of saffron stigmas is less.

The price of Pushal saffron

The price of Pushal is cheaper than other types of saffron – Negin saffron and Sargol saffron – because there is some cream along with saffron stigmas, and the price of cream (root) is much cheaper than stigmas. The price of Pushali saffron always changes due to its high value, and you should contact us about the price of Pushali saffron.

But if we want to say the range of  Pushal saffron price, it can be said that it costs around 2000 dollars. This is the price of each kilo of Pushal saffron. You should also know that this is the wholesale price of Pushal saffron.

The price of Pushal saffron in retail is always higher. If you are looking for a large amount of saffron, we definitely suggest that you buy Pushal saffron in bulk; Because it has more economic benefits. But if you are looking for a small amount of saffron, there is no problem; The price of each gram of Pushal saffron is 3 dollars.


Pushal saffron price - Ana Qayen saffron


This price may also change. You can also see the price of Pushal saffron in the table below.


The price of Pushali saffron per gram


The Pushal saffron price per kg



You can inquire about the price of one kilo of saffron of the Pushal type or even one gram via WhatsApp or our Contact page.

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Consumption of Pushal saffron

Due to the low price of Poushal saffron compared to Sargol and Negin saffron and also the low possibility of fraud and easier identification of this type of saffron is used in many cases, including:

  • In the production of saffron candies and flakes
  • In the production of Sohan (traditional Persian saffron brittle toffee made in Iran)
  • Gaz (Iranian nougat originated in Isfahan)
  • In restaurants and kitchens
  • In confectionery factories
  • Ice cream factories
  • Preparing saffron syrup and Sholeh Zard in ceremonies
  • Home consumption due to the low price of Pushal saffron

Differences between Pushal and Sargol

Sargol does not have any yellowness (cream), but in Pushal, usually, three branches of saffron (stigma) are connected at the end. There is some yellowness, which in first-class Pushal saffron, this amount of yellowness is less than normal Pushal.

Sargol saffron is better than Pushal and first-class Pushal saffron is sometimes used to export saffron. If you are not familiar with the types of saffron, we suggest that you read the different types of saffron article. There are different types of Saffron in Iran. In the following, a brief description of the types of saffron is presented.   

1. Types of saffron-Dasteh (in English Bunch) Saffron

“Dasteh” or “Dokhtar-Pich” is the main strand of Iranian saffron. When the farmer picks the strands of the saffron from the petals, he dries them and puts them together. The top part of these strands is red and the bottom part is orange.


Pushali saffron price - Ana Qayen saffron


2. Pushal Saffron

As you can see from the figure above, if the farmer cuts the stigma from the part lower than the red part, it is called Pushal saffron. In this type of saffron, you can see a yellowish strand. This shows that the saffron is genuine and therefore many people trust this type of saffron more (However, if you trust the brand’s name, Sargol and Super Negin are better). This type of saffron has an overall color of between 170 and 250 units.  


First-class Pushal saffron - Ana Qayen saffron


 3. Sargol Saffron

If the farmer cuts the top red part of the stigma, it is called Sargol saffron (which means the tip of the flower in Persian). Therefore, this type of saffron is all-red. The overall color of this type of saffron is between 210 to 260 units.


Pushal - Ana Qayen saffron


4.Super Negin Saffron

This saffron is actually a type of Pushal saffron. if the farmer separates the thick strands of red stigma, this type of saffron is produced. Many companies use this type of saffron for export and have the best appearance and color among all types of saffron. Ana Qayen also uses this type of saffron for export.

This saffron has an overall color of 230 to 270 units. It is worth mentioning the production of this type of saffron is a bit difficult and time-consuming, yet the stigmas are long and thick which is alluring to the customers.


pushal saffron price - Ana Qayen saffron


 5. “Konj” or White Saffron

As you studied earlier, saffron has two parts: Sargol (stigma containing three branches) and root (cream). The main part is red and is famous for Sargol (which means the tip of the flower in Persian). The white part attached to the end of the Sargol is called the saffron root or white saffron. The color of these strands is light yellowish-white. Saffron root is also famous for Konj saffron.


Pushal saffron price - Ana Qayen saffron


You can also hear about Pushal saffron or Pushali saffron in the voice below.



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