How do I know the original saffron

In this paper, we mention some ways to identify the real saffron vs fake saffron.

Features of original saffron

One of the problems in trading saffron is recognizing the genuine saffron. Of course, by selling fake saffron, cheaters make a lot of money. It may be difficult for many buyers to distinguish genuine saffron from fake saffron.

No one wants to find out after spending a lot of money to buy saffron that what he bought was fake saffron. By knowing the methods of distinguishing genuine saffron from fake, you can prevent the cheater from making a profit. Although pure Iranian saffron in laboratories is easy to identify, it is not easy for consumers to detect the real saffron vs fake saffron.




Increasing the weight of saffron by dipping this plant in fat, honey, etc. is the most professional method of cheating in selling saffron. Painting the white parts of this plant with the natural color of saffron is the most respectable method in cheating red gold. Also pouring inferior saffron in packages is another way of cheating in saffron wholesale. The diagnosis is not known, but the information obtained may help you when purchasing this product.

One way to cheat in the Iranian saffron is to dip its stigmas in some kind of fat, sugar, salt, or honey to increase its weight.

In this way, fraudsters cheat professionally and it is not easy to tell whether saffron is pure or not. Because they have been trying this for months to make more money by dipping the plant in other substances. Highly skilled fraudsters spray the material as a solution on saffron stigmas. Then when it dries, the weight of the saffron increases, which is not easily recognizable.

You can crush the saffron among your fingers or on a paper. Therefore, you can notice if there exists a particular substance on the paper or the fingers become greasy. Using this method you can understand if the saffron is impregnated with a special grease to make it heavier.



Storing Saffron

Now we will review some good tips and methods about storing it.


Saffron is usually kept in a cool, dry place so that its quality remains the same and does not change.

Many people buy packaged saffron, in the first place, they pack it and put it in the refrigerator or freezer. But this is completely wrong. with this method, after a while, the saffron loses its properties and becomes almost unused.

First, dry and grind it.

Grinding is very easy, you must first dry it in the oven or on the flame. It is better and more correct to dry it in the oven. This can be done in 5 to 8 minutes. But don’t let it stay too long. it may burn and loses its properties.


Iranian saffron



after drying, you can grind it. You can do grinding with any tool you have in the house. People usually use pestle and mortar to grind the saffron.

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brewing and freezing

It is very easy to brew saffron, pour a small amount of boiling water on it, so that it completely covers the saffron and is a little higher, now you can pour it into the tea maker and heat it and let it brew well.

When it has given its color to the water well, you should allow some of that water to evaporate. The evaporation of the water causes a small amount of water to remain in it and it becomes much easier to keep it.

Knowing the original saffron

There are some methods by which you can find out that the saffron is original or not. In the following, we will review some of it.


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Smelling saffron

The aroma of pure saffron is very special and has a combination of the smell of honey and alfalfa. Well, it’s usually hard to tell for people who aren’t very familiar with the smell of honey and alfalfa.

Taste of saffron

Saffron contains picrocrocin, which is responsible for the taste of saffron and makes it taste bitter. Pure saffron has a bitter taste and is somewhat astringent and sharp and is never sweet. If it tasted sweet, it was probably added honey to make it gain weight. To test the taste of saffron, all you have to do is ask the seller to give you 3 or 4 strands of saffron that you are going to buy to put on your tongue and taste it for a few seconds and then put the strands on a napkin.

Even if the taste was bitter but the texture of the paper turned red, saffron is not original. Also note that when saffron is placed between paper or newspaper and pressed, no grease stains will remain. Keep in mind that saffron actually smells sweet, but its taste is not sweet at all.


saffron during breastfeeding


testing with cold water

In this method, you have to put saffron in water. After 5 to 10 minutes, the real saffron strands turn the watercolor into a golden yellow. Also, note that the diffusion of saffron color is slow and stable, so if it gives color quickly, it means that saffron is not the original and has been added to that color.

Using gasoline

Finally, using gasoline, we can distinguish genuine saffron from fake saffron. The color of saffron fibers is not soluble in gasoline, which means that if we throw a few fibers in gasoline, it should not color the gasoline.


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