How to store saffron at home?

1. Introduction

Before reviewing how to store saffron we must say that we all know saffron. A delicious spice with a unique taste and smell, and of course with a high price. If you use it in your food once, you will surely fall in love with it. Well, the question now is how to keep it so that it stays for a long time and does not lose its flavor and smell.

now we will review some good tips and methods about storing it.

how to store saffron at home
storing saffron at home

2. How to store saffron?


Saffron is usually kept in a cool, dry place so that its quality remains the same and does not change.

Many people buy packaged saffron, in the first place, they pack it and put it in the refrigerator or freezer. But this is completely wrong. with this method, after a while, the saffron loses its properties and becomes almost unused.

First, dry and grind it.

Grinding is very easy, you must first dry it in the oven or on the flame. It is better and more correct to dry it in the oven. This can be done in 5 to 8 minutes. But don’t let it stay too long. it may burn and loses its properties.


after drying, you can grind it. You can do grinding with any tool you have in the house, if it is wood that is much better, but with any other tool, you can grind it completely to turn it into small pieces.

brewing and freezing

one of the principles is to brew it after grinding. It is very easy to brew saffron, pour a small amount of boiling water on it, so that it completely covers the saffron and is a little higher, now you can put it in even, pour it into the tea maker and heat it and let it brew well

When it has given its color to the water well, you should allow some of that water to evaporate. The evaporation of the water causes a small amount of water to remain in it and it becomes much easier to keep it.

you’re done!

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