How to infuse saffron

Infusing saffron

As we have learned, saffron is the most expensive spice in the world that has a very good color, taste and smell. This spice can be used in most foods. Saffron can be prepared as stigma or powder.
However, if you buy saffron stigmas, you can be sure that you are buying pure saffron without additives. To use this spice in our food, we need to learn how to brew this spice.

In this article we will review ” Infusing saffron “.

The main method is to infuse it with boiling water.

2- Brewing the saffron by boiling water

ingredients :

Boiling water

Special equipment :

Mortar and pestle

Recipe : 

1. Put the saffron flower stigmas in the mortar and pestle.

infusing saffron

2. Beat the saffron until completely crushed

3. When it is completely powdered, pour boiling water over it.

4. Cover the mortar for 30 minutes

The second method is brew saffron by ice

2- Brewing the saffron by ice

The second and, of course, non-conventional method of brewing the saffron is using ice.

For this method, it is best to put the saffron in a glass container and place some small ice cubes. Then allow the ice to melt at ambient temperature so that the saffron gives its extract and coloring. Using this method the saffron is said to give more color compared to the first method.

Now it’s done ! hope it was useful.


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