Iranian saffron wholesale

If you are looking for Iranian saffron wholesale, you have come to the right company. We have one company in Iran and another company in France. If you are in Europe, The United States, Canada or any other country, you can easily contact our company in France.

Does your company give certificate to the customers for Iranian saffron wholesale?

As you know, one of the important parameters for the most expensive spice in the world is purity and quality. There are many easy ways that the people can cheat in saffron (for more information please visit this page). However, there are also certified suppliers of saffron. Since our Iranian company is in the country of saffron (Iran), and the quality of Iranian saffron is known to all, we are able to supply this precious spice to all over the world from our company in France. Furthermore, there may be some customers who prefer not to work directly with Iran. They can easily contact our company in Lyon, France. It is worth mentioning that all our transactions are done via our company in France.

For Iranian saffron wholesale, we have certificate from one of the most famous labs in Europe. SAI CHIMIE lab is one of the most famous and certified labs in Europe. You should always ask certificate for the saffron from the suppliers.


Iranian saffron wholesale


Figure above shows the saffron in the plastic bags and then the saffron will be packed in 500 grams packages for wholesale. You can visit this page to see the containers used for 500 grams of saffron. If you like to see other types of our packing you may visit our shop.

Is the price for Iranian saffron wholesale different from the prices on the website?


buy saffron in bulk


The price of Iranian saffron wholesale highly depends on your order volume. Therefore, when you want to order saffron please specify your volume. If you need 1 kg or 50 kgs, the prices will be highly different. You should also mention the type of packing you are looking for. For example specify that you need packing with 1 gram, 2 grams, etc.

We are one of the biggest suppliers of the Iranian saffron. We export tons of saffron annually. Therefore, there is no problem for Iranian saffron wholesale.

You can also order bottles of saffron from this page. As was mentioned earlier, since nearly 90 percent saffron of the world is produced in Iran, we can supply at any amount that you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us via contact us page. You can also be in touch with our sale team via WhatsApp.

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If you are looking for other information on saffron, you may visit this page.

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