Real saffron vs fake saffron

In this paper, we mention some ways to identify the real saffron vs fake saffron.


Although pure Iranian saffron in laboratories is easy to identify, it is not easy for consumers to detect the real saffron vs fake saffron. Increasing the weight of saffron by dipping this plant in fat, honey, etc. is the most professional method of cheating in selling saffron. Painting the white parts of this plant with the natural color of saffron is the most respectable method of cheating red gold. Also pouring inferior saffron in packages is another way of cheating in saffron wholesale. The diagnosis is not known, but the information obtained may help you when purchasing this product. 

One way to cheat in the Iranian saffron is to dip its stigmas in some kind of fat, sugar, salt, or honey to increase its weight.

In this way, fraudsters cheat professionally and it is not easy to tell whether saffron is pure or not. Because they have been trying this for months to make more money by dipping the plant in other substances. Highly skilled fraudsters spray the material as a solution to saffron stigmas. Then when it dries, the weight of the saffron increases, which is not easily recognizable.

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real saffron vs fake saffron

Honey or oil detection methods in Iranian saffron

Although it is easy to identify whether or not saffron is pure in laboratories, it is not easy for consumers to identify the real saffron vs fake saffron.

One can crush the saffron among his fingers or on a paper. Therefore, he can notice if there exists a particular substance on the paper or the fingers become greasy. Using this method you can understand if the saffron is impregnated with a special grease to make it heavier.

In conclusion, it is not always easy to identify the real saffron vs fake saffron. However, if you buy saffron from certified companies, you won’t have any worry regarding this issue.

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