Saffron foods | Delecious foods using saffron

In this article, we will review some of saffron foods.

Saffron foods

If we want to list the foods, sweets and drinks in which the saffron is used, it may not be possible. However, a short list of foods, sweets and drinks can be brought. A handful of examples:

1-Use of saffron as a spice in chicken kebab (you may read the recipe here)
2- Using saffron as a colorant for meat dishes
3- Using saffron as a coloring and flavoring in brewed rice (like tah chin and Iranian saffron rice)
4- Using saffron as a coloring and decorating in sweets (like really delicious desserts)
5- Using saffron as a coloring and flavoring in syrups and beverages
6- Using saffron petals as a natural food coloring
7- Using petals to prepare jam (saffron jam)
8- Using saffron as the most important seasoning of all jams

Imagine that there are dozens of examples for each of the above. For example, the people of the southern region of the country of Iran prepare the fish with only salt and vinegar, but when they want to serve a dear and honorable guest, they add a little saffron to it, and just a few saffron stains, suddenly color and gives a different effect to the taste and smell of food.

saffron foods

Saffron foods

Masghati of Shiraz, halva of Yazd, Sohan of Qom, Kermanshahi bread, Ranginak of Khuzestan, date cake of Lorestan, Qutab of Kerman and many other sweets are some of the most delicious sweets produced in different cities of Iran and saffron has an effective role in their preparation. Most of these sweets have gained fame beyond the borders of Iran.
In addition to Iranian food, saffron is known and used as an important condiment in some countries of the world. For example, the food of the people of northern Italy, as well as the south of Switzerland, and the famous Spanish food, which is one of the favorite dishes of “Federico Garlia Lorca”, the late and famous Spanish poet.

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