When is the saffron harvest season?

In this article we will get some information about the saffron harvest season, the method of harvesting saffron etc. We hope you find it helpful.

Introduction about the saffron harvest:

This stage is the most laborious agricultural sector in the field of saffron and requires high sensitivity. You will need about 15 to 20 days to complete this step. It should be noted that the flowers live for about 1 day and if they are not harvested during this one day, they will lose their quality and die. The later the harvest, because the flowers are exposed to sunlight, wind, and other climatic factors, they will lose their quality.

For information on the properties of saffron during pregnancy, you can refer to the article on the Benefits of saffron for pregnant women.

Saffron harvest season

When the temperature of saffron bulbs reaches 8 degrees Celsius, saffron harvest begins. Depending on this point, harvesting will take place in some areas from the beginning of November and in other areas from the beginning of December. With the emergence of purple flowers in the field, the harvesting process begins. saffron harvest season depends on the climatic conditions of the region and will take about three weeks. The number of flowers reaches its maximum in the seventh to tenth days. It is best to harvest as close to these days as possible. Saffron is harvested in Khorasan region before sunrise. In some areas, such as Hamedan, flowering begins at 8 am and continues until the afternoon or evening.

saffron harvest season

The important point to note is that saffron planting will not have much yield in the first year and may only produce a few large bulbs. For more information, read the article on saffron planting.

How to harvest saffron

Saffron flowers should be removed from the stigma immediately after picking as flag pollen may stick to the surface of the stigmas. As a result, there is a gap between the time of harvest and the separation of the flower from the stigma, which may complicate the separation process. As a result, the stigmas are damaged and the quality of saffron is reduced.

The point that should be considered at this stage: to maintain the best quality of saffron, it is best to harvest when the flowers are bud or semi-open.

Saffron harvesting methods

Harvesting saffron manually

This method is actually the common method of harvesting saffron. In this method, the number of workers varies according to the year of harvest. Per hectare, in the first year to 5 or 6 people; The second year requires 10 people and the third year and subsequent years 15 people.

saffron harvest season

Harvesting saffron with Golchin–a persian word which means flower picker– machine

In this method, you can use a variety of flower harvesting machines, such as backpack model, carriage model and Spanish model. The Spanish method is more recommended for less dense areas.

But the point is that this method is not yet accurately responsive and in most areas the manual harvesting method is used.

How to separate saffron flowers from stigmas

As mentioned above, it is better to be quick in separating the flocks (so-called filling). The area you are allocating for separation should be completely clean and hygienic. During the separation, all the hygienic points must be observed by the people who carry out the separation process.

The separation process depends on the type of saffron you intend to clean. For example, the farmers needs its saffron to be Sargol saffron and another farmer wants Negin. (For information on different types of saffron, please read this article).

Methods of saffron separation

If you need the saffron to be bunch saffron:

From inside the flower, we separate the trunk stigma from the rest of the flower components, put them on top of each other regularly and dry them in the same way. In this case, we will have a bunch of saffron.

If you need the saffron to be Sargol saffron:

Cut the stigmas from the style, collect and dry. This type of saffron is called Sargol saffron. Sargol saffron branches are shorter than Negin saffron.

If you need the saffron to be Poushal saffron:

In this method, in addition to the stigma, the parts of the style that are attached to it are also separated. Then it is arranged and dried. In this method we see Poushal saffron.

If you need the saffron to be Poushal saffron:

In this method, the strands of saffron should be straight and without curvature and no style should be seen in saffron.

Some of the separation methods mentioned above are related to how to dry saffron, which will be published in a future article.

Saffron storage

After harvesting the saffron and drying it, now it is time to pack it. This step should also be done with hygiene tips. Depending on your taste, you can pack saffron in glass containers, bags, aluminum cans and more. But you must keep in mind that the temperature of saffron storage should never be more than 20 degrees Celsius. And it is better to keep saffron in the refrigerator.

Note that saffron should not be exposed to direct sunlight in any way because it loses its quality over time.

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