Saffron production in Iran

Saffron production in Iran

Saffron is a plant from the genus Lily that has medicinal properties and is used to flavor and color foods in Iran. This plant is produced in different cities of Iran and is one of the country’s export products.

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The statistics of saffron production in Iran are very high. Saffron was initially specific to Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan provinces but was later cultivated in other parts of Iran. If we want to know the best place in Iran for saffron, we have to search among the Khorasan province cities because the best type of saffron has been related to this region from the beginning. This region has a long history of saffron cultivation and the saffron brand is named after one of these cities.

Saffron is a plant that can grow in harsh biological conditions. This plant needs water only on the first of November and rain and snow will be enough for it until the first of spring. Saffron is a plant that does not have a special cost in terms of transportation and is economical.



This plant has nutritional and medicinal properties and is very popular in Iran due to its limited cultivation. Cultivation of this plant is the occupation of most people in the Khorasan region and has a special role in the lives of people in northeastern Iran. Saffron has medicinal properties and its most important feature is exhilarating. It is considered a medicine against depression and is used as a natural and herbal medicine that calms the nerves.

Saffron production per hectare

As was mentioned earlier, the statistics of saffron production in Iran are very high. In the first year of planting saffron bulbs, usually, 1.5 to 2 kg of saffron can be harvested per hectare. This statistic reaches 4 to 6 kg in the second year.

In the third year that saffron bulbs are planted, 8 to 10 kg of saffron can be harvested, and also in the following years, this statistic reaches over 10 kg of saffron.



Of course, these statistics are not entirely accurate because those recorded more statistics of saffron harvest per hectare. For example, a man in Khorasan Razavi province in the village of Zaveh had harvested 42 kilograms of saffron per hectare. The news became very popular and the man was interviewed.

Saffron production in the world

The history of saffron cultivation in Iran dates back to ancient times. Then it was taken from Iran to Greece and Rome. During the Parthian period, Iranian saffron was exported to Rome, and later during the Mongol period, Iranian saffron was exported to China, and China became one of the customers of saffron in Iran. It is said that saffron became common in Qom during the Sassanid period. During the Islamic period, saffron was also taken to Arab countries and the countries around the Mediterranean became familiar with its cultivation method.



Initially, Iran was the only exporter of saffron in the world, but in recent years other countries have also entered the saffron trade. Now, Spain is a competitor for Iran and one of the saffron exporters. The UAE has also become one of the saffron exporters without cultivating saffron. In addition, many countries such as Afghanistan, India, etc. have been active in the saffron trade.

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