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Saffron wholesale in Iran

As is known to all, Iranian saffron has got the best quality among all other types of saffron. Nearly 90 percent saffron of the world is produced in Iran. However, there are many places in Iran in which the saffron is grown. Most of the production of the saffron of Iran is in South Khorsan. Among the regions in Khorasan, Qayen city is one of the most famous cities where the best saffron of the world is grown. Even if you ask the people of Iran where the best saffron is grown in Iran, the first name they say to you is Qayen city. Ana Qayen is working with a lot of farmers in this city and exports many tons of saffron each year to different countries. In order to have a better interaction with our customers, we have established a company in Lyon, France (Ana Royal Int. Co.). You can easily order the saffron via our company in France. If you are looking for the saffron wholesale price, we can offer you the best price. You can be in touch via WhatsApp or contact us page. 

Does your saffron have got certificate for saffron wholesale?

As you know the quality of the saffron is of great importance to all. Because there are a lot of fake saffron in the market (this will be of more concern for saffron wholesale). However, if you are sure that you are buying from a certified supplier, you won’t have any worry any longer. If the saffron is tested by lab, then there is no worry as to the quality of the saffron.

As you know SAI CHIMIE is a well-known laboratory in Europe. Our saffron has got its certificate from this lab. For more information you can be in touch via WhatsApp or leave us a comment on Contact us page and and our sale team will answer you as soon as possible. 

Do you accept agency?

Ana Qayen is looking for committed agents all around the world. Saffron is considered as the red gold in the world. If you think that you can distribute the red gold in your area, don’t hesitate to be in touch with us. You may visit Be our agent page for more information. 

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