Azin spice and saffron bottle (Large)


  • Suitable for a variety of spices
  • Can be used to store saffron
  • Very stylish and beautiful
  • New structure


Azin spice and saffron bottle (Large)

To buy spice bottles, there are 4 types in the market namely, small, medium, large, very large and super large.

This type of bottle is one of the newest types of bottles, which has its own customers due to its high transparency.

Azin bottle is one of the containers for saffron in Iran, yet, it can also be used as a container for peppers, garlic powder, etc. Azin bottle is available in 4 sizes.

Azin bottle is considered as one of the best-selling types of saffron bottle due to its appearance.

This type of container is made of Polycrystalline. It is poured at a very high temperature by a special device in the desired mold and the final product is produced in a completely transparent, odorless and resistant form.

Buy saffron bottle:

To buy saffron bottle, the types of Azin spice bottle are as follows:

Small Azin bottle (can contain half a gram of super negin saffron)
Medium Azin bottle (can contain 1 gram super negin saffron)
Large Azin bottle (can contain 2 grams super negin saffron)
Very large Azin bottle (can contain 5 grams super negin saffron)

As was mentioned above, all of the above calculations are based on super negin saffron, which you should pay attention to.



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