Buy saffron from Iran – 4 grams

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buy saffron from Iran

  • 4 grams of Iranian with premium quality
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Suitable for wholesalers and retailers
  • suitable for chefs and restaurants
  • Price per gram: 5 $


buy saffron from Iran

With using Ana Qayen online shop, you can buy saffron from Iran. However, apart from saffron, we also offer bottles of saffron.

This type of packaging contains 4 grams of Iranian saffron. The type of saffron is Super Negin saffron which is the best quality of saffron in the market.You can get useful information on the types of saffron on this page.

Our saffron comes from the fields of Qayen city. This city is the most famous city in Iran regarding the quality of saffron. You can find saffron in many places of Iran.

However, the quality of the saffron of this city is noticeable due its special weather and soil conditions. When you open the lid of our bottles, you can smell the aroma of the pure saffron.

The aroma of the saffron from different fields of Iran is different.

buy saffron from iran

If you want to buy saffron from Iran and you are in Europe it is not a big deal. You can easily contact our agent in Lyon,France to get our saffron.

We work with different post companies. However, we often work with DHL and Aramex. The delivery time is usually 3 to 5 working days. There is another type of delivery (the EMS service) that takes nearly 2 weeks, yet is cheaper.


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