The price of pistachios in the UAE

The price of a kilo of pistachios in the UAE

For people whose business is in the field of wholesale sales of pistachios, the latest news on the price of pistachios is very important, and news such as the volume of exports and export target countries can largely determine the daily price of pistachios in the UAE.

For information on the exact price of pistachio, you can contact us via WhatsApp or our Contact us page. Also, you can visit our different packaging of saffron on our Buy saffron online page.

One of the most important factors that affect the price of exported pistachios is the competitive atmosphere of pistachio exports. Currently, Iran, the United States, and Turkey are the top three exporters of pistachios in the world and the price of exported pistachios is determined by these countries.

Pistachio price in UAE

For this reason, if you want to be more successful in pistachio trading, you should be aware of the latest pistachio price news. Wholesalers and news sites can be good sources for the latest pistachio price in UAE news. For information about the pistachio price in UAE, you can contact us through the contact us page or WhatsApp.

It should be noted that several factors such as packaging, type of pistachio, quality, order volume, etc. also affect the price of pistachios and increase or decrease the price of pistachios. If you want to buy Iranian pistachio from Iran in UAE, you may contact us.

The price of pistachios from a farmer is definitely very economical for you, and you can buy pistachios at a much lower price from the farmer. Buying pistachios from a farmer will not only make you pay pistachios at the real rate but will also bring more profit to the farmer himself.

In fact, by eliminating intermediaries and additional costs, you make buy pistachios at a more reasonable rate. Due to the fact that the purchase price of pistachios from the farmer is more profitable for both buyers and sellers, many farmers sold pistachios directly and you can easily buy from them.

The price of a kilo of pistachios in the UAE

Pistachio is one of the most important export products of Iran and most of the produced pistachios are exported to other countries, so much so that Iran is one of the largest suppliers of pistachios in the world and many people are looking to invest in exporting pistachios. are. It is true that exported pistachios should look good, but the most important factor in exporting pistachios that attracts more buyers is the quality of the pistachios.

Kale Ghoochi pistachio, Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, Akbari pistachio are among the quality export pistachios that there is a great demand to buy in the world market.

Pistachios exported to European countries must have an aflatoxin certificate to ensure the health of pistachios, this is not important for export to the Persian Gulf countries. To buy and sell Iranian pistachios, you may contact us via the Contact us page or WhatsApp.

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The finest Iranian saffron
The finest Iranian saffron
The finest Iranian saffron
The finest Iranian saffron
The finest Iranian saffron


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