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Many of you are looking for saffron bulk suppliers and saffron wholesale suppliers. We are Iranian saffron bulk suppliers and saffron wholesale suppliers. If you need bulk saffron, be sure to not miss the rest of this page.

Saffron supplier – Ana Qayen

If you are looking for a saffron supplier, you have come to the right place. Ana Qayen is one of the largest suppliers of saffron in the world. We are able to send saffron anywhere in the world and there is no problem in this regard. Also, if you need 1 ton of saffron, we still have no problem and we can provide this amount for you.


iranian saffron wholesale supplier


Saffron bulk suppliers

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. When you want to deal with a company for saffron purchases, you have to make sure that the company can supply any amount that you need. Preparation of saffron in bulk is not an easy job. You work on your business and find the customers in your country.

For information on the exact price of saffron, you can check the Iranian saffron price Page or you can contact us via WhatsApp or our Contact us page. Also, you can visit our different packaging of saffron on our Buy saffron online page.

If the saffron bulk suppliers are not trustworthy and cannot supply you in the middle of your business, you will lose all your customers.  This will ruin your credit and you may not be able to gather all your customers again.



How can you evaluate saffron wholesale suppliers?

90 percent of saffron in the world is produced in Iran. The annual production of Iran is nearly 400 tons each year. Therefore, there is no problem for our company to supply wholesale saffron in any amount. If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier, don’t hesitate to be in touch with us. You may contact us via the contact us page. You can also be easily in touch with our sales team via WhatsApp.



When we say one of the largest suppliers of Iranian saffron, what do we mean? In the video below, you can see the 150 kilos of saffron that we sent to one of the Arab countries!



When contacting saffron wholesale suppliers, you should inquire if they have a certificate for their saffron. Ana Qayen saffron always gives you saffron with lab test results. Therefore, you can also make sure that your saffron is as pure as possible.

Are you looking for an agency all around the world?

Yes, we are looking for committed agents all around the world. If you think that you can work with our company in France and can sell saffron in your country, then don’t hesitate to be in touch with us.

Qaen city is one of the most famous cities where the best saffron in the world is grown there. Ana Qayen is working with many farmers in Qaen. Therefore, if you need 1kg, 10 kgs, or even 100 kgs of saffron, Ana Qayen can provide any amount that you order. We are eager to hear from you.


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If you are looking for a complete acquaintance with this city, we suggest you read the article Where is Qaen?

If you think that you have anything in common with Ana Qayen, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or WhatsApp. If you want to send the e-mail, please write “wholesale” in the subject of the e-mail. You can also put your number in the form below so that our experts can contact you about the saffron supplier as soon as possible and give you complete guidance.


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If you have insomnia, and you are looking for a solution, we suggest you read the article Saffron and insomnia | Does saffron help insomnia?.

Iranian saffron bulk supplier

Ana Qayen saffron is an Iranian saffron bulk supplier without intermediaries at the best price. The best and highest quality types of saffron that are produced in Iran at a significant level are mostly grown in the eastern and northeastern regions of Khorasan provinces and are very famous in the world.

It is one of the most important production centers in Qaen city. Every year after the harvest season, the market for buying and selling saffron reaches its peak, and many activists in the field of this product go to production sites such as Qaen and try to find an Iranian saffron bulk supplier and buy it directly from the farmer.


bulk saffron supplier


One of the most basic pillars of the agricultural economy in the central and eastern regions of Iran can be called the bulk market for the production and purchase and sale of this product that many farmers and people in these regions are engaged in its supply chain from farms to export markets.

Ana Qayen is an Iranian saffron bulk supplier and you can order as many as you want in Iranian saffron. We send saffron all over the world. Your European orders will be sent through our branch in Lyon and will reach you as soon as possible.


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Iranian saffron wholesale supplier

With Ana Qayen you can buy ​​saffron directly from one of the biggest Iranian saffron wholesale supplier at a reasonable price. One of the most important appearance features that greatly affect the wholesale sales of saffron and show its quality is the amount of color of this product that is considered when buying. Especially in the discussion of foreign sales, the percentage of coloring is very important.

Of course, there are different types of export saffron; The color of the product is usually determined using laboratory techniques, and the higher the color of the product, the higher the price. Direct purchase of saffron from an Iranian saffron wholesale supplier has advantages such as lower price and high quality.


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Are looking for an Iranian saffron wholesale supplier? You can apply through the contact us page or WhatsApp and contact one of the best and largest Iranian saffron wholesale suppliers without intermediaries and buy the product you want.

If you have questions like can you have saffron while breastfeeding? and is saffron safe for babies? and can I take saffron while breastfeeding?, be sure to read The effects of saffron consumption during breastfeeding.


saffron suppliers

In the voice below, you may hear about the saffron supplier and saffron bulk supplier.



About Ana Qayen – An Iranian saffron supplier

We are a supplier of Iranian saffron and we supply saffron from the best fields of saffron in Iran. It should be mentioned that nearly 90 percent of saffron in the world is produced in Iran. We have also an agency in Lyon, France and you can also buy our saffron in Europe.

Apart from saffron, we also supply other products from Iran including pistachio, rosebuds, Mazafati Date, and barberry. If you want to buy any type of product from Iran, we can supply you. You may contact us via the Contact us page or WhatsApp. Also, you may see our different saffron packaging on our Buy saffron online page.



When you want to buy saffron in bulk, you should be sure about the quality of the saffron that you are buying. Our saffron has got a European certificate from SAI CHIMIE lab which is one of the most famous labs in Europe.


Also, our saffron is packaged in different and luxurious packages. You can see our different packing below. You can buy saffron in bulk with these packages in our online shop. You can also find us on social media via InstagramFacebookLinkedinPinterest, and Youtube. In the following, you can see our different packaging of saffron.


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