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Ana saffron is pioneer in Packaging design and you can offer saffron with a very attractive design to meet your customers’ needs. Ana saffron enjoys expert packaging designers and aims to help you increase your sale. Be in touch with us.

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Saffron poached pears

Saffron poached pears

Saffron poached pears recipe   This is a easy dessert to make and prove that saffron isn’t just for savory foods. you can make it

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Saffron rice

Saffron rice recipe

Indian saffron rice The saffrons of Iran is more dark in its color than the Spanish saffron , and it gives a better flavor to

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Kashmiri Lamb

Delicious Kashmiri lamb

In this paper, we will review a delicious India food – “Kashmiri Lamb”. So let’s begin. Ingredients :   4 pc. dried red chile peppers

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