Azin saffron bottle (for 0.5 gram Super Negin saffron)


  • Dimensions (26*26*70 mm)
  • Material (Polycrystal)
  • Great resistance against impact
  • Highly transparent
  • Suitable for 0.5 gram super Negin saffron
  • Weight of the bottle (approximately 20 grams)


People usually purchase Azin bottles as a souvenir, and this bottle, like other standing polycrystalline bottles, is one of the most popular and best-selling types of bottles in the Iranian market. The reason for the high sales, as mentioned, is the personal use and the souvenir aspect of this type of bottle.

Azin bottles are one of the best-selling types of saffron bottles due to their appearance. It may also be known in the market as a salt bottle.

Azin bottles have two types:

Printed Azin bottles

Simple Azin bottles

And Azin bottles group are divided into 4 parts:

1- Very small (for 0.5 gram super Negin saffron)

2- Small decorative bottle (for 1 gram super Negin saffron)

3- Medium Azin bottle (for 2 grams super Negin saffron)

4- Large Azin bottle (for 4 grams super Negin saffron)

All of the above bottles are based on saffron, which you should pay attention to.

As mentioned above, Azin bottles are available in two types: 1-simple and 2-printed. The price of a printed Azin bottle is more expensive than a simple container. This is due to the printing of the logo on it.

saffron bottle azin bottle


The material of this type of bottle is polycrystalline. These bottles are poured into the desired molds at high temperatures by special devices and the final product is created in a completely transparent, odorless and resistant form.

Azin containers and bottles are printable and you can print your logo and brand on them.


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