Iranian saffron trade in 2022 | From A to Z

Iranian saffron trade

For any business, the profit it makes is the most important criterion for evaluating the activity in that area. If you are going to enter the market of buying and selling Iranian saffron, do you know what points are important in buying and exporting saffron? How familiar are you with the profits of the Iranian saffron trade? Do you know the profit of saffron trade in your country? What is the profit of exporting saffron to other countries? In this article, we will review more details about the profits and losses of buying and selling saffron or saffron trade in domestic and international markets.

Exporting saffron requires special conditions:

  • Purchasing and packaging of saffron
  • Geting a standard certificate
  • Receiving a health certificate (as the case may be)
  • Providing a business card

Spain was the first country to import this product with the purchase of $ 325 million of Iranian saffron in 2017. After Spain, Hong Kong ranks the second with $ 96.5 million worth of Iranian saffron. Next is the UAE  with $ 89.5 million.

In 2017, Iran exported 441 kilos of saffron to 62 countries. Did you know that 50% of Iran’s saffron exports are exported to Spain?

Saffron trade

In general, Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world, but the market pulse is in Spain. The most important reasons are:

The cost of transporting of each kilogram of saffron exported from Iran is very expensive, but on the other hand, the cost of shipping in Spain is cheaper.
In Iran, bank facilities with high interest rates are provided to exporters, but in Spain, facilities with 2 to 3 percent interest are paid to traders.
Saffron is packaged in Spain according to international standards and with high quality, but in many cases Iranian exports are in bulk and without packaging.

If you want to enter the business of buying and selling saffron, to achieve the profit of the saffron trade, you must first know the types of Iranian saffron well. Because in the saffron market, you usually find five types of Iranian saffron that differ in quality and price. These types of saffron are as follows:

Super Negin:
This is the most expensive type of saffron. The saffron strands are longer and all the yellow parts are cut off. It is generally red and has no particles.

This type of saffron is the tip of the saffron strands. It is generally red in color, but the stigma is shorter and sometimes fragmented.
The difference between Negin saffron and super Negin saffron is that the gem has some yellow part. This increases the weight of saffron.
This is the cheapest type of Iranian saffron. There are many yellow and orange parts of saffron strings in this type of saffron.
This type includes all saffron stigmas that are not cut and are offered in batches. It is almost impossible to buy such saffron from stores, but wholesalers have also saffron in batches.

To calculate the profit of saffron exports, you must first calculate the cost of buying saffron inside Iran and its export costs.

It is clear that if you can buy saffron in your country at a cheaper price or use the best export saffron to have good sales in world markets, you will get more profit. Super Negin saffron is the best saffron in the world. This saffron has very short and red strands. Various experiments on Iranian saffron have shown the color strength value of 230 to 255 and extremely low humidity of 4%.

Requirements for starting a saffron business

To start the saffron trade, like any other businesses, some preparation is needed. The price of saffron packaging equipment is not very high compared to many food processing industries. You will then need to consider inspection and shipping costs and customs costs.
Another important point about saffron is the importance of proper maintenance of this product and the existence of a quality control laboratory.

How to get Iranian saffron

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