Luxury Iranian Negin Saffron, First Class, Super

Iranian Negin saffron

Saffron is harvested and sold in different types, which are divided into 5 main categories. Iranian Negin saffron is one of them. Each of these types is a part of saffron flowers and has many differences. To enter the trade or buy saffron, we strongly suggest you to know these 5 types of saffron well.
Since saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, some people are looking to deceive buyers and sell fake saffron. By getting acquainted with these 5 types, you can relatively prevent this. In the following, we will give a brief explanation about these 5 types.




Luxurious Iranian saffron, first class, super

5 types of saffron are:

  • Konj or white saffron
  • Dasteh saffron
  • Sargol saffron
  • Pushal saffron
  • Negin saffron

Each of these types has different characteristics and is different from each other. For example the value of Crocin number which represents the color strength of saffron is different for each type.

Before explaining each type, we should get acquainted with the different components of saffron to make it easier for us to identify the type of saffron. The red part of the saffron string is called “stigma” and the yellow part is called “cream”.



Original Iranian saffron for sale

As was mentioned above, Original Iranian saffron for sale is divided into 5 types.

Konj saffron:

When you remove the saffron stigma from the cream, the white or almost yellow part remains. This type of saffron is also sold in the market and although its color is low, it has the real aroma and taste of saffron. White safforn (Konj) is the best type of saffron for use in tea, as well as flavoring and aroma of food.

Saffron root does not have the color of Sargol, but it includes all the properties of saffron that have led to significant results in new research on saffron, including the treatment of jaundice, sexual and liver enhancement, learning disorders etc.



Dasteh or whtie saffron

Dasteh saffron is obtained by stacking and drying complete strands (including stigma and cream). The cream part usually varies from 3 to 5 cm and the stigma part is Shorter or taller, thinner or thicker depending on the quality of the saffron. The overall color of this type is between 120 to 150 units. The price of this type of saffron is the lowest.



Pushal saffron:

In this model of saffron, the stigma (red part) is accompanied by a very small part of the creamy part (yellow part). For Pushal saffron, the farmer is not asked to separate the three feathers of the stigma.

Pushal saffron, due to the fact that the saffron stigma is more than cream, has a higher coloring power than the Dasteh saffron, and its coloring power is to some extent between 170 to 250 units.



Sargol safforn

Sargol saffron is the most common type of saffron and most customers are more familiar with this type of saffron. In this example, there is no yellow part of saffron or its root, and only the cut part of saffron or its stigma is separate and clean.

Sargol saffron is also known by other names. In some countries is known as All red. Among the types of saffron, Sargol is consumed more than other types in Iran. The overall color of this type of saffron is between 210 to 260 units.



Negin saffron

Negin saffron is the same definition as Sargol saffron. In this type of saffron, the three-branched strands of red and thick stigmas are separated from the existing strands.
This type of saffron is the most valuable and expensive type of saffron and has the highest coloring power (240 to 280). The trade of this type of saffron, due to the time-consuming and costly process and more operations required for processing, usually has a decreasing trend in different years. This saffron has the overall color of 230 to 270 units. However, it should be noted that, recently the demand for this type of saffron has increased a lot so that we are exporting only this type of saffron to other countries.



Iranian saffron

Saffron is one of the best and most popular spices in the world that has different types. Therefore, it is very important that where you want to buy the saffron from and what is your aim for buying saffron. Are you going to use it as a medicine or you want to use it for food?
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