Saffron gheyme khoresht

Gheyme khoresht

One of the Iranian dishes is eggplant Gheyme Khoresht, which is very popular because of its wonderful aroma and taste. Here we will show you how to prepare saffron eggplant khoresht and we suggest you try it once.


Ingredients for preparing saffron eggplant khoresht:
Eggplant: 6 pieces (medium size)
Onions: 2 pieces (medium size)
Tomatoes: 2 pcs
Cotyledons: 200 g
Meat: 400 g
Infused saffron: a tablespoon
Liquid oil: Enough
Tomato paste: two tablespoons full head
Spices (salt, pepper, turmeric): as needed


To make a delicious saffron eggplant khoresht, we must first choose a suitable pot and then chop the onions. Pour the oil into the pot and let the onions fry well. Add a little onion and fry the turmeric and mix again until the onion and turmeric are fried together.

Add the pre-cooked meat to the pot until it is browned and the color of the meat changes. When the color of the meat changes, it’s time to add the cotyledons to the khoresht. When we add the cotyledons, we give the mixture some time to fry the ingredients together, then we add the required amount of boiling water to the pot and soften the gas flame to cook.

Now you have to pour a little oil into another pan and heat it on the gas. After the oil is hot, add the tomato paste and fry well. Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes in half and put them in the pan until they are slightly browned, then add the second pan ingredients to the khoresht pot.


It’s time to fry the eggplants. Peel the eggplants and cut them in half. Pour a little salt on the eggplants and after 20 minutes, rinse them and fry. When the meat is almost cooked, add salt, pepper, and saffron to the khoresht and let it cook well. Then we prepare the rice.

And it’s done. You can eat it and enjoy it!

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