The price of saffron in Peru | Where to buy saffron in Peru?

In Peru, many people use saffron. Saffron in Peru is almost one of the main needs of people. If you are a resident of Peru and looking to buy saffron in Peru, you have come to the right place.

You may be wondering where to buy saffron in Peru. If you read this article till the end, you will definitely get the answer to your question. On this page, we will also show the price of saffron in Peru.


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Saffron in Peru

The price of saffron in Peru can be easily obtained from the best reference. These products have different types and on the other hand, they are offered in bulk or in packaged form. The weight of each package is also variable and this led us to see different rates of saffron in Peru. In addition to this, it is important to discuss how to negotiate in this context where the best Iranian saffron is sold at lower rates.

If you are looking to buy saffron in Peru, you can easily buy up to 500 grams of saffron from Peru through the section below and we will send it to you in less than a week. (It is possible to buy through PayPal.)



Do you know the best Iranian saffron in Peru? For a better description, in the first step, we introduce three types of this product. The first type is known as Pushal. The second type is called the Dasteh, in which part of the root or the white part can be seen. But the best saffron in Peru is called Negin.


Where to buy saffron in Peu? - Ana Qayen Safran


Iranian Saffron in Peru

Now that you know this plant, let’s talk about the characteristics of excellent Iranian saffron in Peru, which has the following characteristics:

Saffron in Peru should have an extraordinary coloring. This means that you can color a large amount of water or food with a small amount.

The scent is another important topic in this area that you need to pay attention to. If the saffron in Peru is not well preserved, it loses its smell over time.

It has a very high flavor and for this reason, it is used as a seasoning.

Premium type, the strands are completely healthy and powder-free.

Beware, some offer poor quality saffron, i.e. color stained saffron, which not only is not beneficial but can also be harmful.


The price of saffron in Peru - Ana Qayen Safran


Peru saffron

You can get Iranian red gold in the form of small and large packs or in bulk in the store of Ana Qayen saffron. The supplier offers products of various types that you have already encountered.

On the other hand, saffron in Peru is processed using standard and totally hygienic methods. They have a unique quality and are used for different purposes ranging from use as food seasoning to the production of various medicines. In any case, we have prepared the export version of the product according to your request and provided it to you.


Iranian Saffron in Peru - Ana Qayen Safran


It is also worth mentioning that the saffron sale in Peru is online and business groups should contact us via WhatsApp to place an order. Moreover, we have a branch in Lyon and you can easily make your purchase.


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Saffron in Peru is a plant product with an excellent taste, also called red gold. In addition to various uses, this product also has many therapeutic properties. A kilo of saffron in Peru is widely used in the field of cooking, making biscuits, making various kinds of teas, etc.


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Saffron supplier in Peru

Ana Qayen Saffron has also sold this product in excellent condition in this area. As you now know, Ana Qayen Saffron is one of the largest saffron suppliers in Peru. If you have wondered where to buy saffron in Peru, you have certainly already found your answer.

If you need any amount of saffron in Peru, we have no problem supplying it to you. For example, in the video below, we sent 150 kilos of Iranian saffron to our customer in Kuwait. In addition to bulk saffron in Peru, we also offer saffron in very elegant packaging.




These packages are very suitable as gifts for your loved ones. You can see our very stylish packaging on the Buy saffron online page. You can also see the price of Iranian saffron on the Iranian saffron price page.

Price of saffron in Peru

The price of saffron in Peru is a problem that is never resolved. Due to its high value, saffron has a fluctuating price. You can get the exact price of saffron in Peru from us via WhatsApp. You can also enter your number in the form above so that our experts can contact you.


Peru saffron - Ana Qayen Safran


Saffron price in Peru

But the price of saffron in Peru is around 4000 dollars. This is the price per kilo of saffron. You should also know that the wholesale price of saffron in Peru is always lower than the retail price. If you need a small amount of saffron in Peru, that’s no problem; The price of each gram of saffron in Peru is 6 dollars. You can also see the price of saffron in Peru in grams and kilos in the table below.



The price of saffron in Peru per kilo 4000 dollars
The price of saffron in Peru per gram 6 dollars


As mentioned in the previous part, saffron in Peru is an Iranian product that is grown in many regions of our country by exemplary farmers. Saffron in Peru is a vegetable product with a large number of vitamins and proteins.

Also, saffron in Peru has many uses in the preparation of all kinds of foods, pastries, desserts, teas, etc. This herbal product, free from any chemicals and additives, has its own unique properties, and we will continue to review this product.

Uses of saffron in Peru:

  • Saffron is very useful and important in traditional medicine.
  • Use as a variety of teas.
  • Meal preparation, baking, and…

Saffron supplier in Peru - Ana Qayen Safran


Properties of the use of saffron in Peru:

  • The consumption of saffron allows to reinforce the libido and improves memory as well as thinning.
  • It is recommended to use saffron to lighten the skin and treat dark skin spots.
  • Masks made from saffron with other herbal ingredients are very helpful and effective against boils and boils.
  • The nutrients in saffron help with hair loss.
  • Calcium and magnesium present in saffron help in strengthening the bones and the growth of babies and children.
  • This product is one of the best traditional medicine methods for treating and preventing stress and anxiety as well as depression.
  • The use of this product is strongly recommended for the risk of fatty liver disease and other problems.

Saffron is a precious and exceptional product in terms of therapeutic quality, which attracts the attention of the general public and has a high sales volume. Ana Qayen saffron in Peru is one of the tasty and high-quality brands that has been launched in the market and is available for customers interested in this therapeutic product at a very good and reasonable price.

Therefore, If you or your company need saffron in bulk in Peru in different packaging, for more information on saffron in Peru, you can put your number in the form above so that our experts contact you.

You can also hear about saffron in Peru in the voice below.



About Ana Qayen in Peru

We are a supplier of Iranian saffron and we supply saffron from the best fields of saffron in Iran. It should be mentioned that nearly 90 percent of saffron in the world is produced in Iran. We have also an agency in Lyon, France and you can also buy our saffron in Europe.

Apart from saffron, we also supply other products from Iran including pistachio, rosebuds, Mazafati Date, and barberry. If you want to buy any type of product from Iran, we can supply you. You may contact us via the Contact us page or WhatsApp. Also, you may see our different saffron packaging on our Buy saffron online page.

price of saffron in Qatar

When you want to buy saffron in bulk, you should be sure about the quality of the saffron that you are buying. Our saffron has got a European certificate from SAI CHIMIE lab which is one of the most famous labs in Europe.

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Also, our saffron is packaged in different and luxurious packages. You can see our different packing below. You can buy saffron in bulk with these packages in our online shop. You can also find us on social media via InstagramFacebookLinkedinPinterest, and Youtube. In the following, you can see our different packaging of saffron.

price of saffron in Qatarprice of saffron in Qatarprice of saffron in Qatar


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