Saffron price in all over the world

Saffron price

Saffron price is different in all over the world. For instance just 1000 grams of saffron can cost  5,000 Dollar in Europe. In the Asia it is different. This differences is because of scarcity of saffron in the world.  This plant can easily be an expensive spice.


Saffron price


How important is saffron?

It has been proven to be useful in many situations over the centuries. Saffron is often used in cooking. As Iranians, we use saffron in our food every day and make food with a lot of saffron until we can not find a substitute for the taste of saffron.

Where does saffron grow except in Iran?

Saffron is used on rice, some breads and to flavor foods. Saffron has some chemical compounds such as pyrocrocin, crocin and is very expensive.
They have three main components or compounds that cause the taste, color of saffron, the smell of saffron. When we talk about the quality of saffron, technically we are talking about these three chemical components, saffron is inherently valuable.


Saffron price

The importance of saffron in different countries

Historically, people have tried to use turmeric, rose petals and lily flowers as saffron, but it has a completely different taste and color. Saffron in large quantities can also be a strong happy ingredient. Research shows that consuming red gold can help reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, depression and PMS.


Saffron price


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