How to use saffron syrup | Saffron syrup recipe

What is saffron syrup?

Saffron syrup is one of the simple and popular international drinks that is made with various flavors. To see the complete and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare saffron syrup, stay tuned with Ana Qayen.

How to make saffron syrup

In this article, we will review the saffron syrup recipe. If you were wondering how to make saffron syrup, after finishing this article, you will be able to make a delicious saffron simple syrup.


Saffron syrup is one of those syrups that can turn a party into a luxury party. As soon as the aroma of saffron is inhaled, a happy and refreshing state is created in the person. This is exactly one of the reasons why many hosts make this syrup.

Before you want to make a syrup, it is good to know the types of syrup that can be made with saffron and then get information about it.

For information on the properties of saffron during pregnancy, you can refer to the article on the Benefits of saffron for pregnant women.

Types of saffron syrup

There are different types of saffron syrup in Iran. But there are two popular ways to make this syrup:

  • Syrup with rose water
  • Syrup with honey

Among the above two models, syrup with rose water is more famous and is usually known for parties. But saffron syrup with honey is more known as a concoction that is also tasted hot and has more healing properties and now you can understand the syrup saffron uses.

saffron simple syrup with honey is a concoction that can restore the lost strength of a day in less than a few seconds at the Iftar table.


syrup saffron


Does the syrup saffron have got hot or cold nature?

It is very important to know the nature of saffron syrup. The nature of this syrup is completely hot and red. This means that some people need to avoid it. For example, pregnant women should strictly avoid saffron syrup.

The reason for this warmth is as follows:

The nature of saffron is warm.

The nature of rose water is also warm.

The nature of honey is also warm.

What can we do to balance the nature of saffron syrup?
Additives can be used to balance the warm nature of saffron syrup and cool this concoction.

Using saffron syrup with other additives

Using Descurainia Sophia in saffron syrup recipe

Usually, people who make syrup saffron know that they have combined three very hot ingredients. To make this heat a little milder, they prepare the syrup with a little Descurainia Sophia to reduce the amount of heat.

Adding Chia to saffron simple syrup recipe

Adding Tokhme Sharbati to this syrup is also a very positive factor in reducing the heat of this hot drink. But it is better to drink this syrup when you feel that you have craved cold food to the extreme.

Warning: At the same time, in these circumstances, we strongly recommend that pregnant women do not drink zafran syrup. 


how to use saffron syrup


Properties of syrup saffron and saffron syrup uses

When we want to talk about the properties of saffron syrup and saffron syrup uses, we take into account the recommendations based on the fact that you have combined rose, honey, and saffron concoctions and made a comprehensive syrup. Each of the factors of the syrup saffron has unique properties.

Honey: Honey is a warm and natural substance that is useful for many diseases that have a cold origin. Honey is mentioned in the Qur’an as a cure that is expected to cure any disease.


saffron syrup


Saffron: Saffron is an expensive but warm plant. Eating saffron in any model, whether on rice, syrup, or tea, is soothing. It is said that pregnant women who experience the moment of childbirth can give birth faster by consuming zafran syrup.

Rose: Rose, which is the extract of the fragrant Mohammadi flower, also helps you to relax. But the taste of rose water can make the skin brighter and clearer, relieve allergies caused by colds and hives, and be calm and happy. If you feel sad, drink a rose or smell it to forget your sadness.

Ingredients for preparing the saffron syrup

In this section, we will review safron syrup ingredients. Ingredients for preparing saffron simple syrup are as follows:

Sugar: as needed (you can also use honey instead of sugar)
Water: 1 liter
Rose: 3 tablespoons
Ana Qayen saffron: 1 tablespoon melted

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How to prepare the zafran syrup

Prepare the mentioned ingredients and take some time to prepare this syrup. The steps are as follows

First, pour water into a fireproof dish and put it on the flame to boil

When the water boils, lower the flame and add a little sugar or honey to dissolve.

When the sugar and honey are completely dissolved, pass it through a strainer and pour it back into the pot to boil.

When the syrup is slightly concentrated, it is saffron’s turn. At this point, add a teaspoon of ground saffron to the solution. Stir a little to make the syrup look completely yellow and saffron and the aroma is diffused. After this, do not let the syrup boil. Pass it through a strainer and sip.

You can also make cocktails with saffron sugar syrup with this recipe. This cocktail with saffron sugar syrup can be made with a few modifications.

Saffron syrup benefits

Saffron syrup is a source of vitamins A, E, C, and B vitamins, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, folic acid, manganese, selenium, and zinc. This syrup has many benefits for people who are usually stressed and anxious and feel depressed and tired.


saffron syrup recipe


Safron syrup uses

1- This syrup is invigorating and energizing and minimizes sudden anxieties and worries.

2- Saffron syrup is appetizing and is useful for children who do not want to eat and can not eat.

3- Saffron syrup helps in better digestion and eliminates bloating.

Some important and practical tips for making safron syrup

Many people like to dilute the syrup at this time and entertain a large number of guests at their party. To do this, you can add cold water to it and test its sweetness. But adding sorrel and egg syrup can also make the concoction stronger and more balanced.

Some of our compatriots use only melted saffron to make zafran syrup and do not need to boil it. This syrup helps you set your party table faster, but usually, to increase the properties of saffron and its effectiveness, you have to give it a temperature to give all its properties to the drink.

If you want to drink this drink only in the form of saffron and rose and do not use water, the best way to prepare this concoction is to heat the rose and saffron before it gets too hot and then boils. Add it and remove it from the oven. The reason for this is that if the rose boils, it loses many of its properties.

In the voice below, you can hear tips on how to prepare the saffron syrup.



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    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Saffron syrup has various uses, including flavoring desserts, beverages, and savory dishes. It adds a unique and aromatic taste to dishes. If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to ask.

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    1. To use saffron syrup at home, you can follow these steps:


      Saffron syrup
      Ice cubes (optional)
      Lemon juice (optional)
      Fresh mint leaves (optional)

      Dilute the Syrup:

      Start by determining how strong you want your saffron flavor. Saffron syrup can be quite concentrated, so you’ll need to dilute it with water. The ratio of syrup to water will depend on your taste preferences, but a typical starting point is 1 part syrup to 3 parts water.
      Mix the Saffron Syrup and Water:

      In a glass or pitcher, combine the saffron syrup and water. Stir well to ensure even distribution. You can adjust the sweetness and saffron flavor by adding more syrup or water as needed.
      Add Ice (Optional):

      If you prefer a cold saffron drink, you can add ice cubes to the glass or pitcher.
      Add Lemon Juice (Optional):

      For a refreshing twist, squeeze fresh lemon juice into your saffron syrup mixture. Lemon complements the saffron flavor and adds a tangy kick.
      Garnish (Optional):

      If desired, garnish your saffron syrup drink with fresh mint leaves. Mint adds a pleasant aroma and extra freshness.

      Pour your saffron syrup beverage into glasses and serve immediately. You can enjoy it as a refreshing drink on its own or alongside your favorite dishes.
      Note: Saffron syrup can also be used in various recipes, such as desserts, cocktails, or marinades, depending on your culinary preferences. Adjust the syrup-to-water ratio and additional ingredients to suit your taste.

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