Almas saffron bottle (Small)


  • Suitable for a variety of spices
  • Can be used to store saffron
  • Very stylish and beautiful
  • New structure


If you want to buy Iranian saffron, a beautiful packing is of great importance. In this paper we will review the properties of Almas saffron bottles.

Almas saffron bottle (Small)

To buy spice bottles, there are 4 types in the market namely, small, medium, large, very large and super large.

This type of bottle is one of the newest types of bottles, which has its own customers due to its high transparency.

Almas bottle is one of the containers for saffron in Iran, yet, it can also be used as a container for peppers, garlic powder, etc. Almas bottle is available in 4 sizes.

Almas bottle is considered as one of the best-selling types of saffron bottle due to its appearance.

This type of container is made of Polycrystalline. It is poured at a very high temperature by a special device in the desired mold and the final product is produced in a completely transparent, odorless and resistant form.

Buy Spice bottles:

To buy spice bottles, the types of Almas spice bottle are as follows:

Small Almas bottle (can contain half a gram of super negin saffron)
Medium Almas bottle (can contain 1 gram super negin saffron)
Large Almas bottle (can contain 2 grams super negin saffron)
Very large Almas bottle (can contain 5 grams super negin saffron)

Almas saffron bottles

Properties of Almas saffron bottle

You can buy Iranian saffron from our company in Lyon, France:

Since saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, it can also attract cheaters. Saffron is grown in many countries, yet the quality of Iranian saffron is known to all. The reason for the quality of the Iranian saffron is that the soil and climate conditions in Iran is such that it produces the highest quality of saffron. You can be easily in touch with our sale team via WhatsApp or Contact us page.

We offer the pure Iranian saffron from the best fields of Iran. The saffron is imported from our company in Iran and distributed in Europe and other countries. So if you want to buy Iranian saffron in Europe, you con contact our company in Europe.

Is it possible to buy Iranian saffron in wholesale price from your company in Europe?

If you want to buy saffron in bulk and know the wholesale price of saffron, you can leave us a message on contact us page. It is worth mentioning that if you buy Iranian saffron from our company in wholesale, the prices are different from that of the website.. You can also be our agent in your country.

It is worth mentioning that the type of saffron we offer to our customer is Super Negin saffron which is the best quality of saffron in Iran’s market with high aroma and powerful color. if you want to get familiar with other types of saffron, you can visit this page.

Can we be your agent if we buy saffron in bulk?

If you want to buy saffron in bulk, you can also be our agent in your country. If you have regular customers in your region, then you are able to buy saffron in bulk. If you become our agent in your region or in your country, then we won’t give saffron to anyone else in your region. We have great offers for our agents and we always try to give them the best sale percentage.

Are all saffron suppliers able to supply saffron regularly?

There are many many saffron suppliers in the world. As was mentioned earlier, saffron is grown in some countries like Morocco, Spain, Iran etc. But nearly 90 percent saffron of the world is grown in Iran. According to the annual statistics, Iran produces nearly 500 tons of saffron each year. So if you are looking for suppliers who can supply saffron without any problem, saffron suppliers in Iran can be a good choice. We established our company in France (Ana Royal International) so that our customers can be in touch with us much more easily.

How can we trust the quality of your saffron?

As was mentioned in the preceding paragraph, saffron is the spice that is in danger of cheating. There are many ways that the people can cheat in saffron and you won’t understand at all. You may read this paper as to different ways of cheating in saffron.

In order to assure the quality of our saffron, we have got certificate from SAI CHIMIE lab which is one of the most well-known labs in Europe (especially in the field of saffron). According to this lab, our saffron is categorized as grade A. The certificate is accepted anywhere in the world.

So when you are looking for saffron suppliers, you may ask them to see if they can offer saffron with certificate.


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