Gohar saffron bottle (Very large)


  • Suitable for a variety of spices
  • Can be used to store saffron
  • Very stylish and beautiful
  • New structure


Buy Iranian saffron with Gohar saffron bottle (Very large)

If you want to buy Iranian saffron, the packing is very important for the customers. We offer different types of packing for the customers who want to buy Iranian saffron. (You may visit our shop for different types of packing)

For buying spice bottles there are 4 types in the market namely, small, medium, large, very large and super large.

Gohar bottle is another design that is very appealing to the customers. Due to its high transparency, Gohar bottle has always been one of the first choices of buyers. For buying spice bottles, Gohar bottles come in a variety of sizes.

Gohar bottle is one of the containers for saffron in Iran, yet, it can also be used as a container for peppers, garlic powder, etc. Gohar bottle is available in 4 sizes.

Gohar bottle is considered as one of the best-selling types of saffron bottles due to its appearance.

This type of container is made of Polycrystalline. It is poured at a very high temperature by a special device in the desired mold and the final product is produced in a completely transparent, odorless and resistant form.

Buying spice bottles:

The types of Gohar spice bottle are as follows:

Small Gohar bottle (can contain half a gram of super negin saffron)
Medium Gohar bottle (can contain 1 gram super negin saffron)
Large Gohar bottle (can contain 2 grams super negin saffron)
Very large Gohar bottle (can contain 5 grams super negin saffron)

Super large Gohar bottle (10 grams)

saffron bottles

Gohar saffron bottle

Buy Iranian saffron from our company in Europe:

Ana Royal Intl. company is our Iranian saffron company in Europe (based in Lyon, France). If you want to buy Iranian saffron from our company in Europe, you may easily contact our agent in France or via this page. we are one of the biggest saffron suppliers in Iran. If you want to buy saffron in bulk, you can be in touch with us.

Nearly 500 tons of saffron is cultivated in Iran every year. That’s why Iran is also known as the country of saffron in Iran. Besides, the quality of Iranian saffron is also known to many people. The odor and the color of the Iranian saffron is not comparable to the saffron of other countries.

Saffron is grown in many parts of Iran. However, the climate conditions as well as the workers’ dexterity are two important factors in saffron production. South Khorasan is the province where most of the Iran’s saffron is produced. However, the quality of saffron in Qayen city in outstanding so that this city is known as the city of saffron in Iran. Many Iranians know this city by saffron. Ana Qayen saffron supplies the Iranian saffron from the best fields of saffron in Qayen city.

It is worth mentioning that there is no limit for us as to the amount of saffron. If you even need 1 ton of saffron, we are able to supply.

Does your company have European Certificate for the saffron?

Since saffron is the most precious spice in the world, cheating in the red gold is prevalent. Therefore, you may buy Iranian saffron from the companies that are trustworthy. SAI CHIMIE laboratory is one of the most famous labs in Europe for saffron testing. Our saffron has got its certificate from this laboratory. Therefore there is no worry as to the quality of our saffron.


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