Buy saffron online in box- 4 grams – Code 1104

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  • 4 grams of Iranian saffron
  • 2 Azin bottles
  • Suitable for luxurious stores
  • Suitable for giving saffron as a gift
  • In 3 colors (red, blue and yellow)
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Saffron box- 4 grams

This box contains 2 Azin bottles. Each bottle contains 2 grams of saffron. The fabric used for this container is of top-quality velvet. You can offer this box as a gift to your friends and relatives. There also other types of packing available that you can see in our shop.

The saffron that we fill the boxes with is of top quality and is harvested from the best fields of Iran. The quality of Iranian saffron is known to all. However, inside Iran, the quality of saffron is also different. Qayen city is one of the cities whose saffron is very famous among Iranians. Nearly all Iranians know this city because of its saffron. Our saffron is harvested from the best fields of Qayen city.

How is the saffron delivered?

The delivery of saffron is often done via DHL or other types of post-service. The delivery usually takes 3 to 5 days worldwide. It is worth mentioning that the saffron is sent from our company in Lyon, France.

Does your saffron have European certificate?

Since saffron is a precious spice, many cheaters are looking for cheating in this red gold. They mix saffron with something else or they may color the white saffron. However, when the saffron is tested in the laboratory, the customers can make sure that there is no impurity in the saffron. Our saffron has got its certificate from the SAI CHIMIE lab. This lab has got a specialty in saffron. If you are buying for the first time from our website, you will definitely buy again. Because when you open the lid of the package, you will smell the aroma of saffron.

Do you have a company in Europe?

Since many of our customers are buying saffron in Europe, we established our company in Europe (Lyon, France). In this way, we can deal with our customers much easier. It is worth mentioning that all the transactions are done via our company in France. The saffron is also sent from France.

Can you send saffron to the United States and Canada?

Since we own a company in France, there is no problem with sending the saffron. We are able to send saffron anywhere. If you are in the US or in Canada and you want to be our agent, don’t hesitate to leave us a message or contact our sales team via WhatsApp.

How many kilos of saffron are you able to supply each month?

As you know, Iran is the leading producer of saffron in the world. Iran produces nearly 500 tons of saffron each year which is 90 percent of saffron production of the world. As a supplier, we are able to supply tons of saffron each month. So don’t worry about supplying the saffron. If you want to buy saffron wholesale, don’t hesitate to leave us a message or contact us via WhatsApp. We will get back to you soon.

Do you accept agencies?

We are looking for agents all around the world. If you are a trader in your country and want to be our agent in your country, don’t hesitate to contact us. We often have great offers for our agents and we will support them in advertising and selling their product.

If you intend to buy saffron, please visit our Buy saffron page for different packaging of saffron.

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 cm
Box Material

Wood with velvet cover

Bottles Material

Plastic (crystal)

Saffron Net Weight

4 grams


Red, Blue, Yellow


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