Different types of saffron in All over the world | 5 types

What kind of saffron do you want? This is a question that may surprise us. We ask ourselves, how many types of saffron are there? Well, today we want to introduce you to the types of saffron and varieties of saffron available in the market and explore their uses and differences and saffron varieties.

The types of saffron available in the market are divided according to how they are processed, or in other words, how they are cleaned and dried. Some types of saffron include Negin, Sargol, Pushal, Dokhtar Pich or Dasteh, and Root.


different types of saffron
different types of saffron


Different types of saffron

There are different types of Saffron in Iran. In the following, a brief description of the types of saffron is presented.

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1. Saffron types -Dasteh (in English Bunch) Saffron

Dasteh” or “Dokhtar-Pich” is the main strand of Iranian saffron. When the farmer picks the strands of the saffron from the petals, he dries them and puts them together. The top part of these strands is red and the bottom part is orange. This type of Iranian saffron is graded as the 4th grade and the overall color of this type is between 120 to 150 units. The price of this type of saffron is the lowest.

Among the different types and varieties of saffron, Dasteh saffron or Dokhtar Pich saffron is the main and basic type of saffron and it is prepared in such a way that it is put together and after drying all the saffron strings (combination of curd and cream) Is getting ready. Generally, the cream part is between 3 to 5 mm, and depending on the quality of saffron, the stigma part may be longer or shorter.


saffron types
Dokhtar pich or Dasteh saffron


Also, this type of saffron is better and more economical in terms of price than other saffron grades. Dokhtar Pich saffron is one of the most beautiful types of saffron, which is in great demand among different sections of society.

For information on the properties of saffron during pregnancy, you can refer to the article on the Benefits of saffron for pregnant women.

2. Saffron types -Pushal Saffron

Pushal saffron is saffron that has red stigmas with some cream (between three and five millimeters). Production of this type of saffron is at the beginning of the harvest season. Also, this flower has more survival than other saffron flowers because it has some cream along with its stigmas. Normally, for every 100 kg of saffron flowers, approximately one kg of Pushsal saffron is harvested.

This type of saffron has a higher coloring power compared to Dasteh saffron because it has more stigma than Dasteh saffron.


how many types of saffron are there
Pushal saffron


Some people appreciate and use this type of saffron because the stigma is attached to the cream in saffron Pushal and the possibility of cheating in saffron is reduced and it is easier to determine whether it is genuine or fake.

Features of Pushal saffron:

  • At the end of the stigma is white.
  • It is intertwined and corroded.
  • It does not have pieces that are stuck together.
  • It has strands that are in the form of coils.
  • It has a beautiful color.

As you can see from the figure above, if the farmer cuts the stigma from the part lower than the red part, it is called Poushal saffron. In this type of saffron, you can see a yellowish strand. This shows that the saffron is genuine and therefore many people trust this type of saffron more (However, if you trust the brand’s name, Sargol and Super Negin are better). This type of saffron has an overall color of between 170 and 250 units.


 3. Saffron types – Sargol Saffron (aka Sarghalam)

Sargol saffron is prepared from the beginning of the stigma. Sargol saffron has high coloring power and pure aroma and taste.

If the farmer cuts the top red part of the stigma, it is called Sargol saffron (which means the tip of the flower in Persian). Therefore, this type of saffron is all-red. The overall color of this type of saffron is between 210 to 260 units.


saffron different types
Sargol saffron


In Sargol saffron, there is no news about the yellow part of the saffron or the saffron root, and only the stigma or the cut string is completely separate and also clean. Also, this type of saffron has more crumbs and breaks compared to other types of saffron.

In addition, outside of Iran, Sargol saffron is known as ALL RED.

Features of Sargol saffron:

  • Its stigmas (cut strands) are completely separate.
  • The stigma is completely red and there is no trace of whiteness in it.
  • It has a beautiful color and a beautiful appearance.
  • It is not intertwined and stuck together.
  • Sargol saffron also has different types, but it is not so common.
  • It is composed of thick stigma filaments.
  • The percentage of crocin and safranal in Sargol saffron is very high.
  • Uses of Sargol saffron include medical, food, and industrial uses. This type is one of the main export types of saffron.


4. Saffron types – Super Negin Saffron

Negin saffron is the first type of saffron that we intend to study. Negin saffron has only the red parts of the saffron stigma and no yellow or white is observed in it. Of course, Negin saffron itself is divided into several quality grades.

The larger the stigma and stem of saffron and the less broken the stigmas, the higher the value.

If we compare Negin saffron cream with Pushal saffron cream, we will know that they are very similar to each other, but in terms of thickness, they are different and Pushal saffron is more delicate than Negin saffron.


saffron varieties
Super Negin saffron


This type is a type of Poushal saffron. if the farmer separates the thick strands of red stigma, this type of saffron is produced. Many companies use this type of saffron for export and have the best appearance and color among all types of saffron. Ana qayen also uses this type of saffron for export. This saffron has an overall color of 230 to 270 units. It is worth mentioning the production of this type of saffron is a bit difficult and time-consuming, yet the stigmas are long and thick which is alluring to the customers.

The most expensive saffron in Iran is Negin saffron and for exporting saffron, Negin saffron is generally used. In addition, as you know, this type of saffron has a very high coloring power.


Features of Negin saffron:

  • The ends of the stigmas are not white.
  • There is no frustration in it.
  • It has a beautiful color and a beautiful shape.
  • The three stigma branches in Negin saffron are completely separate.
  • In Negin saffron, the pieces that are stuck together are not seen.


 5. Saffron types – “Konj” or White Saffron

As you studied earlier, saffron has two parts: sargol (stigma containing three branches) and root (cream). The main part is red and is famous for Sargol (which means the tip of the flower in Persian). The white part attached to the end of the Sargol is called the saffron root or white saffron. The color of these strands is light yellowish-white. Saffron root is also famous for Konj saffron.

Although the color of this part of saffron is very low, there are also saffron compounds in this part. That is why some people use this type of saffron in the treatment of some diseases. White saffron has a good flavor but is much less expensive than other saffron products because of its low color. Saffron root does not contain Crocin. The main color of saffron is crocin which causes the red stigma of the saffron.


how many types of saffron
Saffron root


However, White Saffron has all the properties of Sargol saffron. But what is the use of white saffron? Saffron has many medical properties that if you can not buy it because of its high price you can use white saffron (cream) for a much lower price. Traditional medicine used the infused properties of the saffron root. Many famous scientists such as Zakaria Razi, Al-Biruni, and Ibn Sina used saffron to cure diseases.

As was mentioned earlier, saffron root does not have the color of Sargol, yet it includes all the properties of saffron that have led to significant results in new research on saffron, including the treatment of jaundice, sexual and liver enhancement, learning disorders, etc.

At first glance, you might think that Root saffron is the root of the saffron that is in the soil, but this is not the case. Saffron stigma, which is the main part of saffron, has a white part at the end, which is called saffron root.

Saffron root has all the properties of the red parts of saffron and does not have the power to stain the stigma alone. This type of saffron has a much lower price than other types of saffron, but it has the properties of saffron completely.

So if your intention in buying saffron is only to use the healing properties of saffron, you can buy saffron root.

Saffron has different types such as Negin, Pushal, Sargol, Dasteh, or Dokhtar Pich, root, each of which has different characteristics and prices.

In the voice below, you may hear about the different varieties of saffron in the world.



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8 thoughts on “Different types of saffron in All over the world | 5 types

  1. What are the different types of saffron?

    1. Hello.
      Dokhtar pich or Dasteh saffron.
      Pushal saffron.
      Sargol saffron.
      Super Negin saffron.
      Saffron root.

  2. What are the saffron types? i need it

    1. Hello.
      Negin: This is the highest quality saffron, consisting only of the red stigmas without the style. It has a strong aroma, vibrant color, and is considered top-grade.

      Sargol: Sargol saffron includes only the red stigmas, similar to Negin, but it may contain a small portion of the yellow style. It is of high quality and widely used.

      Pushal: This type includes both the red stigmas and a larger portion of the yellow style. It is less potent than Negin and Sargol but is still of good quality.

      Dasteh: Dasteh saffron consists of the whole saffron thread, including the red stigmas, yellow style, and sometimes even the flower’s base. It is considered lower in quality compared to the other types.

  3. What are the types of saffron all over the world?

    1. Saffron is typically categorized into various grades based on the quality and appearance of the saffron threads. Some common types include:

      Negin Saffron: This is the highest quality saffron, characterized by long, thick, and uniformly red threads with no yellow or orange parts.

      Sargol Saffron: Sargol saffron consists of only the red stigma tips, and it is a high-quality saffron variety.

      Pushal Saffron: Pushal saffron includes the red stigma tips along with a small portion of the yellow style. It is slightly less potent than Negin and Sargol.

      Konj Saffron: Konj saffron contains the entire stigma, including the red tips and the yellow style. It is considered lower in quality compared to the above types.

      These classifications are based on the processing and quality of saffron threads, with Negin being the most premium and Konj being the least. Different culinary applications may require different saffron grades.

  4. What is the difference between old saffron and fresh saffron?

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