The effect of saffron on menstrual period pain

In this paper we will review some tips on the effects of saffron on menstrual period pains.

The effect of saffron on menstrual period pain

Many women may suffer from irregular periods. Saffron has a great effect on the reduction of menstrual period pain. Saffron can be used as a stimulant to stimulate menstruation in women who do not have regular periods.

Saffron also reduces menstrual cramps, especially in women and girls whose menstrual bleeding has been delayed.

Consumption of saffron as a drink can treat these problems during menstruation.

It brews premenstrual symptoms such as mood swings, pain and cramps because it is joyful and also has proven to have analgesic properties.

It is interesting to know that saffron is known as a regulating plant in traditional medicine.

5 to 10 days before your period, drink a cup of saffron 3 times a day.

You can see how to make saffron brew here.

It should be noted that consuming more than 2 grams of saffron per day is dangerous and in some cases can even lead to death.

Of course, this tea should not be consumed by pregnant women because it has been seen in a number of studies that it causes spontaneous abortion.



saffron on menstrual period pain

The effect of saffron on menstrual period pain- How to use it during periods

Women who have irregular menstruation and usually have a delayed period use saffron tea for menstruation. The effect of saffron in this regard is not hidden from anyone. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, and its consumption has soothing properties. Saffron has a warm nature in terms of traditional Iranian medicine.

There are different reasons for delayed menstruation. If pregnancy is not an issue, you can solve this problem by consuming saffron tea. Stress, climate change, the use of certain medications, exercise and strenuous activity are the main reasons for this irregularity.

To consume saffron during pregnancy, you must consult your doctor. Therefore, if you are sure that you are not pregnant, use saffron tea. Saffron is a plant and the effect of plants on the fetus varies according to the condition of the fetus and mother. For this reason, you must talk to your doctor and then use it.

If saffron is consumed properly, it can eliminate this menstrual disorder and is a good treatment for depression. In this section, the method of preparing saffron tea for menstruation with different and practical methods is discussed. Hope you enjoy.

Preparation of saffron tea for menstruation

The first method :

One of the easiest ways is to brew the saffron. To do this, first grind a few sprigs of saffron and dissolve it in boiling water and let it brew on a samovar or kettle for 10 minutes and you can use it like tea. Add a spoonful of honey to make it more palatable after preparation.

You can also add some saffron to the tea. Then, 2 minutes after brewing the tea, add some ground saffron to the tea and let it brew for 5 minutes. And consume it with candy or sugar or honey depending on your taste.

The second method :

To make a very strong saffron drink, grind and mash a tablespoon of saffron jam so that it is completely soluble in water. Then add a little ginger and cinnamon and two glasses of boiling water and let it brew as before. You can use candy or honey to drink this tea.

Tip: Make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients of this drink (ginger and cinnamon).

To take these pills, if your period has been delayed for a long time, use it twice a day. However, it is recommended to use a glass of this tea five days before the start of menstruation. Usually the effect is known between 3 to 5 days.

Third method:

Grind the saffron and put it on a low flame with some rose water and let it boil a little. After 10 minutes, remove it from the gas flame and let it boil. Then add a spoonful of honey and taste it.

You can take this tea every other day. It is not recommended for use during pregnancy. It is also appetizing and helps digest food and the functioning of the digestive system.


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