Types of saffron scales + saffron weighing machine

The saffron scale and saffron weighing machine is a tool used to measure the quality of saffron, which is derived from the dried stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower. Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world due to its labor-intensive cultivation process, and its high price has led to the development of fraudulent practices in the saffron market. The saffron scale helps to ensure that consumers are getting genuine saffron of the highest quality.

Saffron weighing machine

The saffron weighing machine is based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) guidelines, which define the characteristics of high-quality saffron. The saffron scale measures various parameters such as color, aroma, flavor, and moisture content. The highest quality saffron is categorized as “Category I,” which has a deep red color, a strong aroma, a bitter taste, and a moisture content of less than 12%.


Saffron weighing machine - Ana Qayen saffron


The saffron scale is important for both producers and consumers. For producers, it provides a standardized system for grading saffron and helps to ensure fair prices for high-quality saffron. For consumers, it helps to ensure that they are getting genuine saffron of the highest quality and not being ripped off by counterfeit or inferior products.

In addition to the saffron scale, consumers can also look for other indicators of high-quality saffron, such as the country of origin, the date of harvest, and the packaging. It’s important to purchase saffron from reputable sources and to avoid buying saffron that is too cheap, as this may be a sign of a lower quality product.

In conclusion, the saffron scale is an important tool for ensuring the quality and authenticity of saffron. By using the saffron scale, producers and consumers can work together to maintain high standards for this valuable spice.


saffron scale - Ana Qayen saffron


Saffron scale

Saffron scales are tools that every saffron seller should have. Saffron is a very expensive spice and it must be weighed carefully. Therefore, the precision of these scales must be very high, otherwise, the sale of saffron will not be profitable. In the following, we will review the different types of saffron scales, including digital scales.

Types of saffron weighing machine

Several brands produce high-quality scales and have many features in them. For example, some of them have a touch screen. These scales are also very popular, but which scale is suitable for saffron?

Foods that are sold in bulk are weighed with special scales. But not every scale is suitable for weighing food. For example, when it comes to weighing saffron, you can not use the kilogram scales that are commonly found in supermarkets. Instead, you should use a high-precision or digital scale, which includes grams.

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There are scales for saffron with different brands in stores, but it is not possible to tell which one is better. First, you need to get accurate information and make sure of its quality. So in this article, we share with you everything we know about saffron scales.

Saffron scale Kuwait

For the high-precision weighing of saffron, we should use a high-precision saffron scale. However, due to the high value of this spice, these scales should have a precision of 0.01 grams and 0.1 grams. Saffron sellers use scales with a precision of 0.01 to pack the saffron with very high precision.


saffron scales - Ana Qayen saffron


Saffron scales are usually supplied with two specifications, which are:

  • Saffron scales that measure with a precision of 0.1 g
  • Saffron scales that measure with a precision of 0.01 g

High-precision saffron scales are one of the most popular choices among saffron sellers. Everyone is looking for a scale with a good brand and high quality to be able to use it for a long time. Of course, in the market, saffron scales are known by different names. Including high-precision scales, digital scales, pocket digital scales, etc.

Most people who buy and sell saffron in small quantities are looking for cheap scales that work accurately and have good quality.




When you are buying a high-precision scale, some points must be considered to provide a good and original brand that has high durability and quality and can be used for years. These scales are usually made in white or steel colors and different sizes so that customers can use them according to their needs.

Factors affecting the price of saffron scales are:

  • The color of the scale
  • Precision in weighing
  • Manufacturer brand
  • The scale size
  • The maximum amount of weight
  • The body material

So by considering these items, you can prepare the best saffron scales that are suitable for your needs. The price of saffron scales is also determined based on these characteristics.

Saffron weighing scale

Digital scales

The precision of these scales varies according to their model. The higher the accuracy and quality, the higher the price. The advantage of a weighing scale is usually in its ease of transport. You can always carry the scale easily.

One of the best options for saffron sellers is this digital scale. Because many people, do not want to spend a lot of money on scales and at the same time tend to be very accurate. The default calculation of these scales is also high-precision, which makes the job much easier. All you have to do is set your work criteria on a Gram basis.


Saffron weighing scale - Ana Qayen saffron


One of the stainless steel digital scale features is its low battery consumption and automatic shutdown after 180 seconds. These features indicate where you need to save battery power. If you do not use the device for 180 seconds, it automatically shuts off to save battery power.

Saffron scales are suitable for use in laboratories, goldsmiths and gold shops, and saffron shops.

Features of the original digital scale are:

  • Reputable and original brand
  • Long battery life and low power consumption
  • Shutting down automatically after work
  • Solid color and stainless steel body
  • Resistant to impact and falling
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


Saffron scales, as its name implies, are for gold as well as red gold. These scales are available in stores. But it is not easy to tell which brand is better. This article has provided you with detailed information about the types of scales for weighing saffron and its quality.

A digital scale with a capacity of at least 200 grams and a maximum of 500 grams and with a precision of 0.1 to 0.01 is offered. Those who buy and sell saffron in small quantities usually look for these scales. On the other hand, one of the best options for sellers of this valuable spice is a digital scale; These scales weigh the product with very high precision and even a saffron strand can be identified on these scales.

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