Does saffron expire?

Does saffron expire?

The appearance of a product is very important to buyers; Packaging as the appearance of the product is considered by most customers when buying. Product packaging plays a very important role in customers ‘decisions at the time of purchase and is a powerful and effective tool for consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Researchers believe that 70% of buyers decide to choose a product at the time of purchase and the first 3 seconds of product introduction To the customer, golden seconds are considered to attract the buyer’s attention, among which the color, design, and packaging model can play an important role in the purchase process.  

Does saffron expire?
Preserving saffron

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The effect of proper packaging in preserving saffron

Saffron is one of the most important agricultural products, the packaging of which is very important. Saffron packaging will increase sales and customer satisfaction if it is in accordance with the tastes and preferences of consumers. Also, due to the high cost and luxury of this product, proper packaging can have a great impact on maintaining its fragrance, color, and quality.  

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Does saffron expire?
Preserving saffron

  It is very difficult to consider the tastes of all buyers because they have different tastes and interests. Audiences in numerous marketing researches have shown that they pay attention to certain things when buying each; In general, the factors that affect customers’ purchasing decisions are:

• Information label on packaging containers

• Having a standard mark

• Determine the weight of the package

• Knowledge of technology and product packaging methods

• Material and type of packaging

• The capacity of the packaging container and its effect on increasing the useful life of the product  

Does saffron expire?
Preserving saffron

In a study conducted on saffron consumers in Iran, the following results were obtained. Consumers of saffron in Iran care about these things.

1- Nutrient information on saffron packaging

2- Criteria for inserting internal standards on the packaging

3- International standards

4- Brand

5- Being healthy

6- Form of packaging

7- Quality of packaging

Therefore, manufacturers should pay attention to obtaining food certificates and inserting this information into the product packaging.  

Does saffron expire?
Does saffron expire?


Ways to increase the shelf life of saffron

Packaging has a protective role on the product and is a means to attract the attention and opinion of the audience. Packaging protects the product during transportation, handling, and distribution. From a marketing point of view, the packaging is an attractive way to convey information about product features to the audience and attract their attention. Other advantages of packaging include protection of the product against external factors such as humidity, temperature, etc.  

Does saffron expire?
Does saffron expire?

High-quality packaging also preserves the properties and benefits of food. Today, designing a package with a specific color, shape, and material has become very important in competitive markets because it creates customer relationships and branding. Marketers and designers of different types of packaging should always pay attention to the demands and needs of consumers.

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