Growing saffron in pots

In this article we are going to talk about the method of growing saffron in pots. We hope you find it hopeful.

The required tools and time for Growing saffron in pots

You can buy saffron bulbs from greenhouses for growing saffron.

Saffron bulb in the required amount (6 to 7 for every 20 square centimeters).

For example, for a pot with an opening of 20 to 25 cm, you can plant 6 to 7 saffron bulbs.

Or as an another example, for rectangular pots with the area of one square meter, divide the pot into 5 parts and plant 7 bulbs in each part. Therefore, you will need 35 bulbs altogether for growing saffron.

On average, each kilo of saffron bulb contains  130-150 pieces.

An average of 800 to 1000 grams of saffron bulbs are planted per square meter.

The best season for growing saffron is autumn and late winter and early spring.

It is generally planed from July to October.

growing saffron in pots

The method of Growing saffron in pots

First, choose a suitable pot for growing saffron.

Try to keep the pot relatively large.

Make sure there is a drain at the bottom or make some holes in the bottom.

You can use garden soil with some rotten manure or vermicompost to fill the pot.

Put the bulbs in a pot at a distance of 10 to 15 cm and pour at least 10 cm of soil on it.

The best time for growing saffron and to plant saffron bulbs is late June, but you can plant it until late October.

If you plant a saffron bulb in June, do not water it until October (due to the inactivity of the plant, the bulbs will rot).

In October, water the saffron bulbs until the water comes out of the bottom of the pot.

Place the pot in a sunny spot. One month after the first watering, you will see the flowers grow.

When the buds have grown, move the pot to another part of the house that is well-lit and warm.

From then on, the plants that you have planted will start growing. The faster the light and the heat, the faster the buds will grow which means you have provided good conditions for growing saffron.

Pests and problems

Saffron is very susceptible to viruses that can destroy the plant and prevent the process of growing saffron. Unfortunately, there is no cure for viral illnesses. First, be careful in choosing healthy saffron bulbs and get bulbs from safe agricultural centers, and second, if you see any viral symptoms in plants, quickly remove the infected plant from the soil and throw it away so that other plants are not infected.

Saffron bulb rot

The biggest problem you may face for growing saffron in pots is the eating of leaves or bulbs and roots by pests. To control pests, you can use systemic toxins for each pest.

It is also likely that some animals like rabbits, mice uproot the saffron bulb or eat part of the plant. To keep these animals away, deterrent sprays and toxins are available in agricultural supply stores.

You can also make wire cages and place them on your plants to prevent animals from accessing them (when growing saffron in pots)). If you do not want to use pesticides, you can plant daffodils among your saffron flowers because animals hate daffodils and you can be sure that they do not go to your saffron!

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