How to make saffron date Halva

Halva is a kind of Iranian dessert. In this paper, we we will review the recipe of this delicious Iranian dessert called saffron date halva.


1. Ingredients to make saffron date halva

here is what you are going to need to make Date Halva

  1. wheat flour
  2. rose water
  3. brewed saffron
  4. oil
  5. dates

How to make saffron date Halva

2. Recipes

First, we sift the flour and roast it in a pot until its color changes, then we add butter or oil to it, the amount of oil is approximately given, do not add all of the oil at once, add it little by little. When all of the flour gets wet it is enough. If you add more, the oil will come out later.

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After roasting the flour with a little oil, peel and pit the dates and add them to the mixture, and let it be on a medium flame for a little while to soften the dates. Then add the brewed saffron and rose water.

Then remove from the flame and hit with a Masher until it is completely homogeneous and the flour and dates are completely combined.

You can decorate your meal with Pistachio and Almond slices.

Notice :

  1. For every half a kilo of dates, we need half or two-thirds of a cup of flour. So increase or decrease the amount of flour according to your date’s amount.
  2. If it is hard for you to do all of these steps near the flame, you can remove the pot from the flame after roasting and sift it into a bowl. Then add the oil, dates, brewed saffron, and rose water, and pummel with a masher.

You can serve it with a cup of milk and enjoy it.

How to make saffron Date Halva

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