Saffron suppliers in Iran

In this paper you will acquire some information about Saffron suppliers in Iran.

Are there a lot of Saffron suppliers in Iran?

Iran is the leading producer of saffron in the world. Iran nearly exports 400 tons of saffron each year. You may say that Spain is the biggest supplier of saffron in the world. But you have to pay attention that Spain imports a lot of saffron annually from Iran and packages and sells. The quality of the saffron that is grown in Spain is not comparable to the saffron that is grown in Iran. Because when you want to grow the saffron, the soil and the climate are 2 parameters that are the most important. On the other hand, the method of production of the saffron and drying is also important.

Are all Saffron suppliers in Iran certified?

You may contact a lot of people who claim that they are able to supply the saffron from Iran. They may have some friends in Iran who travel to Iran and when they come back they bring some saffron with themselves. The saffron doesn’t have any certificate and it is really not clear that where they have brought the saffron from. After a few months of working with them, they tell you that we won’t be able to supply saffron any longer. And then you are and the customers who are asking saffron from you continuously and you may lose your credit.

saffron suppliers in Iran


Ana Qayen is 1 one of the biggest suppliers of the Iranian saffron. One of the concerns of the customers who are working with Iran is that can you supply at any time that we order. We have established a company in France (Ana Royal int. Co.) so that our customers can deal with us much easier. We can supply at any amount that you need. You know that nearly 90 percent saffron of the world is produced in Iran. Therefore, if you even order tons of saffron, Ana Qayen saffron is able to supply. In order to buy saffron in bulk, you may visit this page or be in touch with our sale team via WhatsApp.

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