Saffron wholesale price

In this paper we will talk about the saffron wholesale price.

How much is the saffron wholesale price?

The saffron wholesale price depends upon many parameters. There are three main types of saffron. 1- Sargol. 2- Negin. 3- Poushal. 4- Dasteh.

In this paper you can understand the difference between these types of saffron.

The most expensive type of saffron in the market is the ُُuper Negin saffron which has a very beautiful shape and is appealing to the customers. Besides, the color strength of this type of saffron is more than 260 unit which means that you need to use less saffron to get the required color. The price of this type of saffron is really different in the world. Sometimes it may reach up to 6000 usd per kg.

The next type of saffron that has the highest price is sargol saffron. This type of saffron is often used in Iran’s market and it is hardly used for export. However, if the customers order this type of saffron, Ana qayen can also supply this type of saffron.

Poushal saffron is on the 3rd rank regarding the price. This type of saffron is not used in Iran’s market. Some countries like India are often looking for this type of saffron. In this country, people usually prefer to use this type of saffron.

The last type of saffron is bunch. This type of saffron is the cheapest saffron and is often used due to the medicinal properties of saffron.

Is the saffron wholesale price different in the world?

As was mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the saffron wholesale price differs from one country to the other. This price is also dependent upon the destination country and the rules of customs clearance. However, there are many many ways for cheating in saffron wholesale. You must be careful when you want to buy the saffron from a supplier. There are many suppliers that offer tempting prices so that you buy from them. However, make sure to ask the certificate of saffron before buying.

Which parameters determine the saffron wholesale price?

There are many parameter that are important in the saffron wholesale price. The first and the most important parameter is the type of saffron. As was told earlier, Super Negin saffron has the highest price in saffron wholesale due to its beauty and color. The next one is the certificate of saffron. Ana Qayen saffron always offer the saffron with certificate to ensure the quality of the saffron. It is worth mentioning that our saffron is also certified by SAI CHIMIE lab which is one of the most famous labs for saffron in Europe.

saffron wholesale price


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