Saffron in Cairo

Saffron price in Cairo

Saffron price in Cairo depends on various factors and is not always constant. As everyone knows, saffron is a very valuable plant and has many customers around the world. Egypt and Cairo are also the importers of this valuable spice.
Before buying saffron, you should be familiar with this plant because in this trade, due to the high price of saffron, there are many cheaters and they try to deceive customers.

If you are not familiar with saffron, it is not a problem. In the following, we will give a brief explanation about this plant.

Saffron plant

Saffron is a plant with a purple flower with 6 beautiful petals that protect 3 red stigmas. These three red stigmas are the same delicious substance with a lot of color and aroma and are prepared with a lot of effort.

Saffron Street in Cairo

Saffron in Saffron Street in Cairo is sold in 5 types. Before buying saffron, it is very important to be familiar with this type. Because you have to be careful about the cheaters. However, if you trust the brand’s name, there are no worries about this.




Saffron in Cairo

As was mentioned earlier, there are 5 types of saffron in Cairo. In the following, we will give a brief explanation about each of these types.

Dasteh (Bunch in English) Saffron

This type of saffron is a complete string that has the red and yellow parts of saffron together. So that the yellow part is about 30 and the red part is about 70% of it. In this type of classification, saffron is intact and the stigmas of the three branches of saffron are not separated from the white part of saffron (or saffron cream).


Pushal Saffron

In this type of saffron, saffron cream (white part) is separated from under the flower, so that the stigmas will have 2-3 mm of cream. At the end of the stigmas of the three branches of saffron, there is some yellow or white, which is called Pushal saffron.




Sargol saffron

It is the most consumed and common type of saffron for people to use in Iran and consumers are more familiar with this type of saffron. In Sargol saffron, which is pure saffron, the creamy part or the whiteness of the saffron is completely removed and only the red part remains.




Negin saffron

This type of saffron has a wonderful color and appearance and is very fragrant. In this type of saffron, three stigmas are connected and are smooth and without fractures. This has made this type of saffron have a better appearance and a higher price than Sargol saffron.

Saffron yolk in Cairo

Consumption of Saffron yolk in Cairo, which are produced and supplied in Saudi Arabia as “صفار الزعفران” and “صفارالبیض “, causes serious damage to the kidneys and liver. The chemical dye of this product is produced in Saudi Arabia.

Due to the increase in the price of saffron in recent years, it was purchased in food preparation centers, including restaurants and other centers that need saffron and it is even consumed by households instead of saffron.




It is dangerous to use the illegal dye “Tartrazine E102” called (Saffron yolk). Consumption of this substance will cause diseases such as hyperactivity in children, digestive and asthma problems, thyroid tumors, migraine exacerbation, blurred vision, allergies, and skin problems such as purpura.

At present, the saffron yolk is offered in Saudi Arabia instead of saffron and they are usually sold to pilgrims. Because of the high price of saffron, the purchase of this product is high, and peddlers, shops inside hotels in Saudi Arabia and Syria sell this substance. These colors are available in 100-gram cans under the title “صفار الزعفران” mostly by peddlers or shops.


Iranian saffron


About Ana Qayen saffron

Ana Qayen saffron supplies saffron from Iran. We are supplier of pure Iranian saffron. Our saffron is harvested from the city of Qayen in Iran. Qayen is known as the city of Iranian saffron and the quality of this saffron is known to everyone.

Our saffron is also tested by a laboratory. In the laboratory test result, some quantities are measured that determine the quality of saffron.

We also have another branch in Lyon, France, which makes it very easy for you to order in Europe. For information on the exact price of saffron, you can contact us through the Contact us page or WhatsApp.


Also, our saffron is packaged in different and luxury packages. You can see our different packing below.



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