The effect of saffron on heart

In this article, we will review some effects of saffron on heart.

Among the properties of saffron and its most important benefits for the heart, we can mention its unique effect on the heart and arteries, and especially the treatment of heart problems and diseases.

The effect of saffron on heart

The effects of saffron on heart health

In a research on rats, they were given saffron for 7 days. They researchers came to this conclusions that those who got higher dosages of saffron had lower resting heart rate.

The traditional medicines in Iran recommend that most heart patients add a small amount of saffron to their diet until it becomes colored to guide the drug to the heart, brain, and liver. They quote Bu Ali Sina (Ibn Sina) to give heart medications to patients with saffron, that is, foods prepared for heart patients should contain some saffron.

Abu Ali Sina has stated that along with heart drugs, some saffron should be prescribed to patients to improve the general condition of patients, because saffron guides and takes care of the delivery of the drug to the heart well, and as a result, the effect of the drug on the heart increases.

the effect of saffron on heart

Heart attack reduction by using saffron

The safranal in saffron (that is responsible for aroma power of saffron) on the one hand reduces the risk of heart attack and on the other hand prevents heart attack.

According to studies, Crocin in saffron prevents the increase of cholesterol, triglycerides and harmful fats in the blood and their accumulation in the body’s arteries. By preventing the accumulation of these substances in the arteries, the incidence of heart attack in people decreases. Obstruction of the arteries of the heart is a serious problem for many people. So the heart and blood vessels must be cleansed. Saffron is a herbal way to strengthen and eliminate clogged arteries in the heart. In people who have suffered a heart attack, consumption of saffron prevents damage to heart tissue and dead blood.


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