The health benefits of saffron in detail

What is saffron?

Saffron is a plant with the scientific name of Crocus sativus. It is known as the golden spice because of its yellow color and high price. Saffron has been used to flavor foods for more than 4,000 years. Today, more than 90% of the world’s saffron is produced in Iran.


زعفران بالجملة


The health benefits of saffron

Saffron has a variety of chemical compounds that are the main cause of taste, color etc.
In history, it has been seen many times that saffron has been used as a medicine to treat the following diseases:
Muscle cramps
Anemia and heart failure
Saffron also has analgesic properties that are used as a natural analgesic.

In modern medical science, the use of saffron for its healing properties has also been used to solve the following problems:
Relieve anxiety
Treatment of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Treatment of insulin resistance
Diseases associated with nerve cell destruction
Learning disorders

Although saffron has not been shown to play a decisive role in the treatment of various diseases, it has been proven that the use of this valuable spice is quite effective in treating diseases such as sexual problems, depression, premenstrual syndrome and Alzheimer’s.


تقوية الذاكرة بالزعفران


Benefits of saffron for the eye

Australian researchers have also concluded in research that saffron has very important and strong elements in preventing vision loss and blindness.
The study, conducted at an Australian Center for Ophthalmology and Vision Research, showed that saffron consumption has a significant effect on genes that help vision cells function better.

Following these trials, some patients with macular degeneration, which is actually an eye complication caused by aging, underwent clinical trials. In these studies, it was found that timely treatment of these patients with supplements containing saffron extract can repair damage to vision cells.

As the results of this study showed, saffron extract not only protects photoreceptor cells in the eye from destruction, but also can prevent diseases such as macular degeneration and retinal pigment inflammation, a genetic eye disease and the most important cause of night blindness.

Another study and research on animals shows that a diet that uses saffron can protect the eyes from damage caused by sunlight.
Researchers believe that saffron is effective in regulating the function of vision cells and protects vision cells against damage. It also prevents the progression of eye diseases and regenerates damaged eye cells. Saffron is also effective in treating retinal yellow spot disorders that occur in old age. That is why the consumption of saffron in the diet is highly recommended for the elderly and people with eye diseases.



Saffron benefits for women

Now it’s time to review some of saffron special properties for women. In the following we will review some of it.

Saffron is effective for women in treating and reducing the symptoms of asthma, heartburn, sputum of the pulmonary ducts, as well as for insomnia, cancer, hardening of the arteries, bloating, depression, Alzheimer’s, fear, shock, homeopathy, pain and dry skin.

Saffron reduces menstrual cramping pain and premenstrual syndrome in women, and also prevents premature orgasm and other sexual disorders in men. Saffron also increases sexual desire in women. Some women also use saffron to remove thinning hair by placing it directly on the scalp.



Saffron benefits to consider

The chemical composition of saffron is responsible for its effective properties for the health of the body. Saffron increases the level of proteins necessary for body growth and blood pressure. It also Contributes to healthy brain activity such as brain-derived neurogenic factor (BDNF) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).

It also has antioxidant properties that scavenge free radicals that may damage proteins and DNA inside cells. This spice restricts the growth of amyloid beta proteins that lead to Alzheimer’s.
In addition it prevents the growth of acetylcholinesterase enzymes and lowers acetylcholine levels in the body, which can cause problems for neurotransmitters.

The properties of saffron are not limited to these and you should know that this golden spice can lower cortisol levels and increase estrogen levels; Which leads to the health of the bones of the body. Many of the healing properties of saffron are due to the presence of crocin molecule in the composition of this spice. Digesting crocin is not an easy task for the body and that is why the human digestive system converts it to crocin.


زراعة زعفران


Crocin increases the production of the happy hormone serotonin in the brain, which is why saffron can be used to treat depression.
Safranal is another chemical present in saffron and it has the following roles:
– It increases blood pressure and regulates heart rate.
– It is anti-allergic and stops the activity of histamines in the body.
– It disrupts the activity of acetylcholine in the body.
– Eliminates anxiety and stress.

Saffron also has antiviral properties and prevents viruses from entering the body’s cells.

Saffron benefits for a man

Just as saffron has many general properties, it also has specific properties for men, which we will review it in the following .

Specific properties of saffron for men

After reviewing the general properties of saffron for women, we now want to review published scientific articles to address some of the specific properties of saffron for men.

Reducing the sexual side effects of medications

A comprehensive study on a number of people with major depression who developed sexual dysfunction as a result of medication showed that daily consumption of 30 mg of saffron can have significant positive effects on enhancing their sexual function.

 تاريخ نبات زعفران 

Saffron and infertility

One of the main causes of infertility is a disorder in male sperm and increasing the quality or number of male sperm is one of the main ways to treat infertility in men.

The researchers found that saffron had a positive effect on sperm morphology and motility in infertile men but did not increase male sperm count. This increase in sperm quality leads to a significant improvement in the infertility treatment process.

In a study, which was performed on 52 patients, a significant improvement was shown in the criteria for assessing the sexual ability of people who consumed 50 mg of saffron dissolved in milk three times a week for three months.


زعفران و انواع آن


Saffron and erectile dysfunction

Research on the effect of saffron on the treatment of male erectile dysfunction has shown that saffron can have a positive effect on the healing and control of this disorder by increasing blood circulation and positive effects on the tissues of the genitals.


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