The effect of saffron tea on brain function

The effect of saffron tea on brain function

Tea is one of the popular drinks of Iranians. The taste of tea is not pleasant for many people, so they prefer to consume it with additives such as saffron, cardamom, and.. drinking saffron tea has been known in many Iranian ceremonies since ancient times.

saffron tea

The effect of saffron tea on the brain:
It is interesting to know that saffron tea, in addition to its wonderful taste, has many effects on the function of brain cells. Saffron can affect the balance of brain hormones, which in turn has a significant effect on mood, vitality, and mental health. Drinking a cup in the morning will give you vitality and freshness throughout the day.

Drink saffron tea to avoid Alzheimer’s !!!
Another advantage of consuming tea with saffron is preventing Alzheimer’s disease. In this way, it prevents the deposition of plaques in the brain.

saffron tea
How to make it?

To infuse saffron, you can refer to the article How to infuse saffron

You can taste it with sugar, candy, honey, or any additive you like.

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