The price of saffron in Jordan

The price of saffron in Jordan

The price of saffron in Jordan depends on various criteria. One of these criteria is the type of saffron. As you know, saffron is found in 5 different types.
Each of these 5 types has its own characteristics and also has different prices.  As everyone knows, saffron is an expensive spice; As a result, there are so many frauds in this business. Before buying saffron in Jordan , you should get acquainted with its types and choose the type you want.
The 4 types of saffron mentioned above are: Super Negin, Sargol, Pushal, Dasteh.

In the following, we will review about these 4 types.


بيع الزعفران بالجملة

The price of saffron in Jordan

Super Negin Saffron

This saffron is actually a type of Pushal saffron. If the farmer separates the thick strands of red stigma, this type of saffron is produced. Many companies use this type of saffron  for export and has the best appearance and color among all types of saffron in Jordan. Ana Qayen also uses this type of saffron for export. This saffron has the overall color of 230 to 270 units. It is worth mentioning the production of this type of saffron is a bit difficult and time consuming, yet the stigmas are long and thick that is attractive for the customers.

Sargol Saffron

If the farmer cuts the top red part of the stigma, it is called Sargol saffron (which means the tip of the flower in Persian). Therefore, this type of saffron is all-red. The overall color of this type of saffron is between 210 to 260 units.



Pushal Saffron

As you can see from the figure above, if the farmer cuts the stigma from the part lower than the red part, it is called Poushal saffron. In this type of saffron, you can see a yellowish strand. This shows that the saffron is genuine and therefore many people trust this type of saffron more (However, if you trust the brand’s name, Sargol and Super Negin are better). This type of saffron has the overall color between 170 and 250 units.

Dasteh (in English Bunch) Saffron

“Dasteh” or “Dokhtar-Pich” is the main strand of Iranian saffron. When the farmer picks the strands of the saffron from the petals, he dries them and puts them together. The top part of these strands is red and the bottom part is orange. This type of Iranian saffron is graded as the 4th grade and the overall color of this type is between 120 to 150 units. The price of this type of saffron is the lowest.

Saffron gives a pleasant aroma and flavor to food, and its red color is impressive! Saffron is used by people in Jordan for various purposes.



Saffron in Jordan

To buy saffron in Jordan, you can easily contact us through WhatsApp or via this page. We will inform you about the types of saffron and prices. We can send your requested saffron to Jordan by airplane; There are weekly flights to Jordan and we will send it to you this way. It is also possible to send by ship, but it is not worth it at all.
Some customers think that sending by ship is cheaper for them. Since saffron is an expensive spice, sending it by ship is not a good idea at all and we advise you not to do so. Sending by ship is reasonable and cost-effective when your cargo is heavy; But it is not a good method for saffron in Jordan.


Iranian saffron


How much is the price of a kilo of saffron in Jordan?

The price of saffron this year (2021) has not changed much compared to last year. The reason for not changing is that nearly 90 percent saffron of the world is sent from Iran.
Iranian saffron has many buyers in the world. As was mentioned earlier, more than 90% of the world’s saffron is produced in Iran. Our company is located in Iran in the city of saffron. Therefore, we can supply any amount of saffron.

The color strength of saffron is measured by the Crocine parameter. The higher this value, the greater the color of the saffron. There is also another parameter called Picrocin that measures the bitterness of saffron.


بيع علب الهدايا الزعفران بيع علب الهدية الزعفرانبيع علب الهدية الزعفران بالجملة علبة زعفران إيراني

The price of saffron in Jordan

Kilo of saffron in Jordan

Saffron is known as the most expensive spice in the world. Harvesting saffron requires a lot of physical work to transfer the flowers from the ground to the final packaging.

In addition to the specific taste, aroma and color, the harvesting process makes it the most expensive spice in the world. If you want to buy different types of Iranian saffron in Jordan, you can contact us. Our main office is in Qayen, Iran.
To contact us, you can call via WhatsApp or leave us a message on this page.


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